Academy’s Genius Swordmaster

Chapter 196: To the North (2)

Chapter 196: To the North (2)

Chapter 196: To the North (2)

Ill take that as a yes. See you later.

Yeah. Be careful.

Ronan finished his business and left the student council room. Adeshan saw him off with her characteristic warm smile. Thud. The sound of the door closing echoed in the silence. She was now staring at the pile of documents that had become useless.

A trip.

Even after Ronan left, Adeshan remained seated for a while. She still couldnt fully grasp what had just happened. Going on a trip. And not just for a day, but a long journey.

She quietly placed her hand over her left chest. She could feel her heart beating faster than usual. As Adeshan took a deep breath and brushed her hair aside, her blushing ears were revealed.

What should I do

She must have been caught wavering. Her expression remained unchanged, but Ronan would have heard her heartbeat and quickened breath. After all, the distance wasnt that far, and Ronan was very perceptive.

Countless emotions swirled in her mind. She felt embarrassed, resentful of herself for not being able to hide her emotions better. She worried that she may appear too easy if she agreed readily. If she were more adept at these things, maybe she would have hesitated at least once.


But despite that, the corners of her mouth lifted. She had been considering suggesting going on a trip together during this summer vacation cautiously, but she never expected this turn of events. It happened while she was smiling faintly. Suddenly, the door of the student council room creaked open, and a girl entered.



Why are you so surprised when I said I would come today? Hehe, I missed you.

Adeshan hunched her shoulders as if she had committed a crime. Elizabeth, who ran towards her like a puppy, hugged her tightly.

Ah this is it. It wasnt enough.

Elizabeth pressed her face against Adeshans chest and mumbled. She resembled an affectionate cat with her face pressed against her, more than a dog. Adeshan chuckled softly and patted her head.

Eri, really

Im serious. Im very serious right now.

Elizabeth replied without removing her face. What she needed the most during her tedious apprenticeship was not the praise of proud mages or servants who would take care of trivial tasks but Adeshans embrace.

Congratulations on finishing your apprenticeship. How was the Dawn Magic Tower?

It was good. I realized how vast the world is. Even the little girl from Garcia has also become quite ladylike and Aun Philara is, of course, a genius in fire magic.

In response to Adeshans question, Elizabeth raised her head. There was plenty to talk about. She was about to surprise Adeshan with the unexpected news that she had just been offered a recruitment offer from the Tower Master. Adeshans face, which was somehow usual, caught her eye.

But whats with your expression? Whats going on?

Hm? Oh, no Its nothing.

Lies. Is it something related to Ronan again?

Adeshan gasped. Elizabeth smirked as if she knew that would be the case and poked her cheek.

I thought so.

H-How did you know?

Well, its simple. Unnie, you only get worked up about things related to him.

Elizabeth responded with a look that seemed to ask why she even bothered asking such a question. There was only one person in Philleon who could disrupt the perfect student council president.

Suddenly, thinking that person wasnt her, Elizabeth felt a slight irritation. She narrowed her eyes and asked.

Then tell me. What did that villain do this time to trouble my Unnie?

Ah, villain, huh Its just

You care so much for him, but he doesnt even pay attention. Always getting hurt and coming back. When he was brought in this time, you nursed him all day.

Elizabeth grumbled. Of course, she thought highly of Ronan, but his relationship with Adeshan was another matter. It was like not wanting to see the god you worship in a disheveled state. Adeshan, hesitating, spoke up.

S-So, um

Adeshan relayed the proposal exactly as she heard it from Ronan. Elizabeths eyes widened in surprise.

Oh my gosh. A trip?

Ahaha I cant believe it either.

You agreed? No, of course, you did. Why am I even asking?

Adeshan nodded reluctantly. There were autumn leaves on her face. Elizabeth, who had been sulking, grabbed both of Adeshans hands.

Unnie. This is a golden opportunity sent from the heavens. Encourage him to confess first, and if things get awkward, just cover it up with a joke about how annoying it is.

The tone was fast-paced yet serious. Her purple eyes were burning with a fervor never seen before. At the bold suggestion, Adeshans face lit up even more.

E-Eri. To cover it up!

Or else, even if you cant do that, you have to make him confess. Cant you use your skill on him?

Elizabeth pointed at Adeshans eyes. Both her tone and expression were more severe than usual. It seemed like a different Elizabeth from the one she knew. Adeshans lips twitched in embarrassment.

I havent tried that yet do I really need to go that far?

Ha Unnie. I hate to say this, but honestly, you need to feel a bit of urgency.


Yes. Just look at the women around Ronan right now, and youll understand.

Elizabeth nodded. It was mind-boggling that she needed this explanation, but Adeshan just let it go. If she had been so clueless, they would have been dating for two years already.

A-About the women who specifically?

There are a lot of candidates, but you should be particularly wary of the club members. If it werent for Senior Braum, Id have thought he was holding auditions for club members just by looking at their faces. The only consolation is probably Aselle, who is reputed to be the most beautiful in the magic department, is male. Of course, I think Unnie is the prettiest, but

Elizabeth trailed off. Adeshan, who had inferred the rest of the story with some difficulty, took a deep breath. Now that she thought about it, all the women around Ronan were all beautiful, like characters from a fairy tale. From Marya, the vampire princess Ophelia, to even Instructor Navirose, who has been giving off a mysterious aura lately. She looked at Elizabeth, who continued.

In my opinion, the most dangerous one is probably Marya. Shes pretty, has a good figure, and is wealthy Moreover, the way she looks at Ronan is unusual.


Theres something about it. Like a predator eyeing its prey. Whats certain is that shes more likely to take bold actions than you, Unnie.

The word bold held many meanings. Elizabeth explained Maryas position, which was similar to a childhood friend, and the strategic advantage she could gain from it.

The fact that shes unscrupulous is the scariest part. Even in the club, you two are very close. Moreover, its hard to ignore the fact that Marya likes physical contact.

Elizabeth briefly recalled the time she spent with her and the club activities. She admitted that Maryas destructiveness was remarkable.

Thats how it infiltrates everyday life. Digging in on the pretext of being friends. Whats wrong with holding hands among friends? Whats wrong with hugging among friends? In the end, on a stormy night, shell come in through the window and say, Were friends, so why dont we sleep together'

S-Stop it! Okay, I get it, Ive heard enough.

Adeshan waved her hand to stop her. Her pale face had turned even paler. The conversation was a story with enough potential. Her breathing began to quicken.

That cant be.

Suddenly, it felt like a headache was coming on. The sweet fantasies she had while planning the trip had transformed into scenes of watching Ronan and Marya kissing behind trees. Just imagining it made her hands and feet tremble. A trembling voice escaped her lips.

E-Eri What should I do? About that?

Its okay, Unnie. Everything will be fine.

Thank you

What for?

Elizabeth patted her on the back. It seemed like she really enjoyed seeing her in such turmoil. It was somewhat enviable. She muttered under her breath.

Im okay as long as youre happy, Unnie.

Her smile was somewhat bitter. The evening sun filtered through the curtains, casting a perfect light on the two of them. Somehow, Adeshan had a feeling that a lot would happen this summer.


Time passed quickly. As the late entrance ceremony had been held towards the end of spring, the foliage soon turned into vibrant green. Before anyone realized it, it was already the second summer vacation since arriving at Philleon.

I missed this greenery. I hope everyone has a fun and rewarding time.

With Katirs short speech, the vacation ceremony came to an end. The buzzing of cicadas filled the air. After exchanging greetings with the members, Ronan returned to the dormitory alongside Shullifen.

How on earth did summer come so fast?

Its because winter was so long. Besides, the entrance ceremony was delayed.

That makes sense. But arent you feeling hot? Youre not sweating at all.

Im regulating my sweat glands with mana. Its part of my training.Follow the latest novels 𝒐𝒏 n𝒐/velbin(.)com

You crazy bastard.

Ronan shook his head with a shiver. As much as it might be helpful, he didnt want to resort to such measures. If it got too hot, he preferred fanning himself and letting the sweat trickle down naturally.

Perhaps because it was the vacation ceremony today, the students expressions were generally bright. The newcomers, who were about to experience their second summer vacation after only three months since enrollment, seemed especially excited.

Despite the oppressive heat that made the cicada sound annoying, their expressions were uniformly cheerful. Ronan, seeing the newcomers playing in the sun, clicked his tongue in disgust.

Have they lost their minds? How can they do that?

Its their first summer in over a year. They must have missed it terribly.

Surprisingly, Itargand was among the players in the ball game. Every time he dodged a ball flying towards him, his platinum hair shimmered in the sunlight.

Ir, catch this!

Dont order me around.

Despite his arrogant tone, Itargand caught the ball. It was amusing to see his cooperative behavior, although his tone remained arrogant. The female students who seemed to follow him were cheering from one side of the field. Seeing how well he blended into human society, Ronan chuckled wryly.

That bastard surprisingly fits in well.

I heard theres a rumor that he is running to become the next student council president.

Well, thats a good thing. Im sure Lady Navardose would approve.

Ronan chuckled. As they exchanged various conversations, the two of them arrived at the dormitory building. Ronan bid farewell to Shullifen, who had to go up another floor.

Have a good vacation.

Will do. Are you heading straight to the north?

Yeah. I need to be able to withstand the heat.

Take care. I hope you dont get too enamored with the ladies and become weak.

With those words, Shullifen climbed the stairs. Women, what a joke. Chuckling to himself as if to say how absurd, Ronan entered his room. A huge bag, big enough to fit in Aselle, was lying in front of the entrance.

Preparations are complete.

It was the travel bag Ronan had prepared for the trip over the past two months. It was bulky due to the many equipment needed for the trip. Ronan nodded his head, thinking of Adeshans face.

Im glad Sunbae agreed.

It would be mutually beneficial for Ronan and Adeshan to travel together. In fact, Ronan wanted to take Adeshan with him more often, but it was difficult to spend time together after she took on the responsibility of being the student council president.

He wanted to show Adeshan around the blacksmiths shop, so he brought it up, and he was relieved that she agreed. Since the North was Adeshans hometown, she probably knew a lot of things Ronan didnt. Since Adeshans familys ancestral grave was also in the North, it seemed like a good idea to stop by on the way.

Shall we start heading there?

Ronan, who had organized his thoughts, slung his backpack over his shoulders. Since he had instructed Cita to look after his sister, they werent traveling together this time. Since a large-scale purge of Nebula Clazier was going on, the possibility of retaliation could not be ignored.

The agreed meeting place was in front of the western gate of Philleon. As he had come a bit early, no one had come out yet.

This should be enough.

Ronan, who breathed in the warm air, nodded with satisfaction. Judging by the intensity of the sun piercing his skin, it seemed that the snow and ice covering the North had melted considerably.

While stretching in the refreshing breeze, a familiar voice came from behind.


AaaamAh, youre here?

It was an earlier encounter than he had expected. Ronan turned his head. A lady in formal attire stood there with a backpack slung over her shoulder. His eyes widened.

Senior Adeshan?

Sorry. I kept you waiting for a long time.

Adeshan said. He tried to respond that it wasnt true, but the words didnt come to mind. Her black hair, which reached down to her waist, fluttered in the wind. Ronans thoughts came to a halt for a moment.

This is no joke.

It wasnt the same Adeshan he had seen a month ago. She didnt seem to have particularly dressed up, but she looked different. The face that had looked haggard from exhaustion seemed to have regained its elasticity, and her hair was as smooth as silk. Her lips, closed slightly, were shining in a coral-like crimson, as if she had lightly applied something.

Simply put, she looked more beautiful. Ronan, who was stunned, finally opened his mouth belatedly.

Uh, no. I just arrived too.

Thank goodness. Shall we go then?

Tucking her hair behind her ear. she smiled gently. It was an adult-like smile she had practiced according to Eris advice to show the charm of a mature woman. Of course, her heart was pounding as if it would burst out of her chest. Ronan, hearing her words, nodded his head.

Ah, wait a moment. There are still people coming.

People coming?

Adeshan tilted her head. Werent they supposed to go together? It was a feeling of anxiety that gradually rose from intuition. Something leaped from behind and hung onto Ronans neck.



Caught off guard by the unexpected ambush, Ronan staggered. Adeshans eyes widened in surprise. A girl with her blonde hair tied back was clinging to Ronan and giggling.

Her turquoise eyes sparkled, and her assertive figure caught his eye. Marya laughed as she tousled Ronans hair.

I came exactly at the right time, but youre here first? I really like people who keep their promises.

Due to the large height difference, the girls feet were floating off the ground. Ronan, with a furrowed brow, tapped her arms lightly.

Hey, let go. Youre heavy.

Hey, what kind of guy is so dramatic about carrying things?

Arent you forgetting the weight of the backpack? And now that youve become a muscular lump, youre really heavy.

Ahaha, thats kind of nice to hear.

Ronan shook his upper body back and forth, but Marya didnt let go easily. Adeshan, who was watching their ridiculous scene, bit her lower lip. Her ashen gaze was fixed on Maryas chest, which was pressed against Ronans back. Unable to bear it any longer, she opened her mouth.

Um, excuse me

Oops, hello, Senior Adeshan!

Before Adeshan could say a word, Marya, locking eyes with her, released her arms from around Ronans neck and dashed over. As she stood facing Adeshan, she lowered her head and said.

Im so glad we get to go together this time. Please take care of me!

Yes Please take care of me as well.

There was nothing to say when it came out so smoothly. Adeshan forced an awkward smile. The corners of her mouth trembled, a far cry from her adult smile. Watching the two women, Ronan smiled in satisfaction.

They seem to get along well. Thats great..

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