Azimuth: The Elden Throne (New Version)

Chapter 392 Memory Shards: Alteration of History

Chapter 392 Memory Shards: Alteration of History




/Back to the mysterious land…/

Sometime after they defeated the Lizardman, the trio received their freedom, parting ways as their chains were removed, signalizing the start of their new lives.

Nothing unusual happened in the process, they received a few rewards, the difference between their accomplishments and debts before leaving.

Kutr received his freedom and a simple set of gear before making his way to the city's busy streets, vanishing within the crowds.

He never said much, although he did give them a nod before leaving.

They were just accomplices, nothing else, but there was respect for what they did for him, and he would never forget that.

Dale got a large sack of golden balls of multiple sizes, the currency of this land, together with an invitation to become an Actual Gladiator in the massive arenas of the city located further North.

Yet, he didn't accept the offer... Postponing it for another time.

As for Gyu, he was pardoned for the crime he never committed, receiving all of his old equipment back or their equivalent price as many of the things he possessed were exclusive to the troops he was once part of, and they wouldn't be returned just like that.

It was quite interesting. Dale took the Sovereigns for greedy people, which they were, but likely this time, they made a LOT of money and fame, so they weren't bothered by this at all.

Almost immediately after, Gyu ran back to where he used to meet with his lover, and lo and behold, she was waiting for him there, something she had done every day for the past few months.

It seemed that at the end of the day, Gyu's story wasn't a lie and he had been falsely accused indeed.

Following this touching meeting, Dale met with Gyu at a specific place they agreed on before, where Gyu proceeded to share much of his old savings with him together with old techniques and items he wouldn't need in his newest journey.

He and his wife (unofficial) were going to leave the city and live far away, outside of her father's grasp. Which wasn't that long mind you, at most, her father was akin to a territory feudal Lord, and going a few states' worth of distance to another land would suffice to live a good life.

From her own words, after accusing Gyu of 'raping' his daughter, the man became quite ruthless and uncaring of her, as if she had turned bad, like a spoiled apple.

Following this, he tried, in more ways than she imagined, to wed her or 'sell' her to some higher authorities for power, as if trying everything in his power to get rid of her.

She managed to avoid said talks, but had to endure extreme humiliation for an act she did with great care and love with her soulmate.

Seeing that her father's love for her was not exactly solely from her being his daughter but for the value she possessed as an asset, she decided it was time to live her own life and leave, this time for good.

Maybe she would return, but that was all a story of a time that already happened, it was irrelevant to him…

But it made him feel somewhat better to think it was all something he accomplished. Follow the latest novels 𝒐𝒏 n𝒐/velbin(.)com

He accepted the items, there was no reason not to. Besides, he gained quite a bit more than he expected.

To spite her father, Gyu's wife spent a lot of her time in the Library coping and studying the martial books of the Oonperang, all of which she brought with her, adding to the collection Dale was to inherit.

She did this because she felt all of this came from the fact her beloved wasn't strong enough to stand for himself… No, she wasn't strong enough to stand up for herself.

So she desired power, and even if she couldn't, then she would pass it on to the one who sacrificed his all for her.

It wasn't the complete set, but with the books she had copied, about a dozen manuals, even if he could not rise to face her father, he could rise to resist him.

And that was all they needed, nonetheless, they would be leaving for distant lands, far from here.

There was little to care in this place, a mercenary city full of blood and strife.

For long in her life, she desired peace and comfort, and now, she would seek it.

In a sense, Gyu was a Heroic character from a small fairy tale, a Hero who loved a princess, scorned for his low status, he fought for her hand, running away with her in the dead of the night...

Of course, he was no Knight, and she wasn't a princess, and it wasn't night right now...



"... This is it." Gyu said out loud as he stood at the edge of a hidden forest path with his wife

"Thank you for everything, had it not been for you, I would now be facing another horrific beast, and even if I had somehow lived, my fate would've likely been taking out that Lizardman on my own… And we both know that my odds weren't that positive."

He took a deep breath before holding the hand of his partner.

"Take care of yourself Elgur, you're a strong and smart guy, once you master those, nothing will stand in your path." He said as he gave him a respectful nod

"As for me… Or should I say, us… We'll be taking our leave, somewhere far… Far away. Maybe to Darum… Or even further away, like the Western Plains of Yu. I heard it's calmer there, a good place to settle down and live in a more carefree way."

"... You sure you don't need this? It's quite a bit, but I can manage with a few coins less." Dale asked as he looked at the two

Even if this was but a complex illusion… He wanted to act in the way he always did.

No matter how fake they were.

"Ha! You're a kind guy, keep thinking like that if you can… This city needs more people like you… No, forget it, it doesn't deserve it."

His wife nodded, but she didn't speak much, likely due to customs and other things. Maybe it was considered rude for women to interject in a conversation like that, or any gender in similar situations…

"Anyhow, don't worry about it, what I reserved is more than enough to construct a grand house in any of these regions, I did my research… Sometime before all of this… Sigh."

"Even then, I should have enough for a few years of expenses, more then enough time to seek work somewhere else, which shouldn't be hard, given what I used to do."

"After all, even if it's dangerous work, you can't say they don't pay you well… Being a gladiator/soldier and all."

He took a step back before giving his wife a small hug, it was clear he was very glad to have her around.

"And… I'm not very good with words… This should be it, nothing else to say."

"... Then leave, before her father returns and flips this city around." Dale said with a scoff as he looked at him

"Right, we're on a tight window here." Gyu said with a chuckle as he turned around

With one last wave, he said:

"If you have the time, do consider visiting us in Yu or Darum… Sorry to not give you anything conclusive, but we more than should settle in one of those regions, probably Yu if I were to give it a shot."

"If we are not… If this is our last meeting… Then take care "Fasroth", may you achieve your goals and live plentifully, whenever that may be…" He said as he left, smiling as he held onto his wife's hands


Dale did not linger for long either, beelining towards another section of the forest, finding a small cottage hidden by the woods, Gyu's old home.

Inside, he found his chest and several other items, including equipment and books.

Having no home of his own, Dale decided to remain and study some of those books with the time he had left before choosing what to do next.

Normally, he wouldn't stay as there was a risk of soldiers coming after him given Gyu's issues, but he didn't quite mind right now as he knew he had some time.

Right now, he was quite interested in learning more about this land, the more he knew, the easier it would be to figure it out later.

And once that was done, he would study the books Gyu and his wife left behind, as even if he did not memorize it, his copy would.

Even if his Skill could now only be used once per day, it didn't mean its abilities had, in any way, deteriorated, it was still the same as it was before.

Once he read it once, the copy would be able to utilize its contents, and if he needed to read the books again, he could have the copy write it down for him, it was as simple as that.

The space of his Skill was in a sense, a kind of simulation room for him to test things out.

That it why knowledge is of extreme importance for the current him.


With a focused gaze, Dale began reading the books, the sun soon setting in the horizon…



But interrupting his concentration, a notification played by, surprising him greatly.

How come anything happened? He was supposed to be days away from the end of the memory!

With some confusion, Dale began his investigation…





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