Eternal Thief

Chapter 1055 New Upgrades

Chapter 1055 New Upgrades

Within the depths of the Imperial Palace, Mortal Emperor Antonio was cultivating in his lavish cultivation chamber as dense cloudy Qi was filled with cultivation chamber.

But right at this moment, Antonio's closed eyes sprang open, filled with confusion and disbelief.

He suddenly flipped his hand, and a formation plate appeared. To his horror, the formation was now filled with cracks before shattering with a small blast!

"What!!? Impossible!" Antonio's eyes went bloodshot as he roared loudly before he vanished from the cultivation chapter, leaving behind an afterimage.

A few minutes later, Antonio appeared in the hidden passage below the imperial palace as he hurried towards the locked door guarded by the Demonic Winged Tiger!

The Demonic Winged Tiger opened its vicious eyes at this moment, and when it saw it was Antonio, it growled with unwillingness and hate before it stood up and revealed the door.

Antonio completely ignored the Demonic Winged Tiger's behavior. He was aware that this guy held a deep hatred toward the Imperial Family for capturing it and then making him guard this place.

But at this moment, Antonio was appalled, and his heart was filled with trepidation because of the broken formation plate, which should be impossible.

The moment the Demonic Winged Tiger opened the path, Antonio placed his hand on the door. The next moment, the door shimmered with runes before it began to open.

"Hurry, damn it!" Antonio roared with bloodshot eyes as he found the speed of the door opening extremely slow.

When the door was open enough for him to pass through, he quickly used his movement skills to pass through it, and then, without stopping, he directly entered the pathways leading toward the space treasury.

The closer he got to the end of the tunnel, the more his heart sank because he clearly knew that this passage should appear differently because of the illusion formation.

When he finally crossed over, he was appalled because the illusion array had really vanished, and this place was now in its original state. The formation plate that shattered also happened to be the one that controlled the formations in this place.

"Is this the punishment by the Deity?!" He muttered with a pale face and then quickly looked in the direction of the space treasury with a wildly beating heart.

Although the illusion formation plate shattered, his blood was the space treasury's key. It was only transferable through a ritual when a new mortal emperor ascended the throne, so it shouldn't be opened even if its entrance had a surface.

He was hoping that the treasury was safe, but the moment he laid his eyes in that direction, his entire body shook, and it was like all bones had vanished from his body before he fell down on the ground.

"W-what is this!?" He was completely ashen and felt he was in a nightmare.

Because right where the treasury entrance should be, there was now a majestic symbol of a horned owl in the air, and on its wings were words, 'Sky Stealer, and Yes, you've been robbed!'

Antonio's mind turned to a mess as this was completely out of his wildest expectations. Before he could recover from this absolute shock, a dark hooded figure appeared right behind him!

Antonio, despite his intermediate stage Law comprehension realm cultivation, wasn't able to detect this person when he appeared right behind him because of the sheer shock of this impossible event.

This person was naturally Ace, and taking full advantage of Antonio's messy mindset, he used the soul cord without hesitation. By the time Antonio discovered the danger he was in, it was already over, for Ace had activated the soul restrain and soul-binding abilities of the soul cord!

Looking at the Mortal Emperor's listless body in front of him, Ace sighed, "It was too easy. Well, I can't blame the guy since anyone would be in such a state after seeing their entire treasury replaced by a symbol."

Ace smiled thievishly as he looked at the storage ring in his hand that he pick-pocket from Antonio the moment he appeared behind him.

'Still, he reacted too fast; I didn't even get to see the rewards or the change happening to the thief's space…'

Ace then quickly opened the notification panel,


[Congratulations on successful Thievery!]

[Host Stole]



-Rewards: 6,800,120,000 Thief Points


[Congratulations on a successful Pick Pocket!]

[Host Stole]



-Rewards: 1,300,991,000 Thief Points


[Thief Point(s): 10,313,128,010]


No matter how depressed or worried he has been lately, seeing over ten billion TP, his mood elevated a little.

At this moment, another notification appeared.

=====Upttôdated from n(0)/v𝒆/lbIn/.(co/m

[Living Thief's Space has been updated!]

[Living Thief's Space function 3X-Time Acceleration has been successfully activated!]


[Living Thief's Space States]

-Storage Space Capacity: 1,000 Cubic-Meter Living Space

-Living Space Capacity:

1. 9 Humanoids (Humans, Demons, Hunters, etc.)

2. 99,999 None-Humanoid (Beasts, Herbs, Plants, Natural Treasures, etc.)

-Living Space Function(s):

1. Time Acceleration Function

-Description: Time will Accelerate within the Living Thief's Space from the outside world!

-Limit: 3X Acceleration

-Cost: 100 Thief Points per Hour

-Do you want to activate it?


Ace didn't waste any time and issued another order, "Activate all the available thief's house functions as well. You can convert the sufficient Thief Points into House Points!"


[Unlocking the available Thief House Functions [Thief Training Rooms] [Theft Stimulation Virtual Room] & [Time Multiplier]!]

-Cost: 101,100,000 House Points (1,011,000,000 TP) has been successfully deducted!

[Thief Point(s): 9,302,128,010]


[Thief's House]

Description: Only Thief House Members can enter this private space for the thief house members to train their thief skills and cultivate!

-Current Capacity: 3

-Unlock Function(s): 4

1. Thief Cultivation Chambers

-Description: Exclusive cultivation chambers for Thief House members with beast cultivation environments for their specific thief genres!

-Cultivation Chamber Space: 1,000 Cubic Meters (In sync with the Thief's Space)

2. Thief Training Rooms

-Description: Thief Training Room can create Training Dummies at the same cultivation the House Members or Three Stages above. The Training Dummies will have the same skills and treasures as the House Members. The House Members can use these Training Dummies to fight and practice! (More Information)

-Cost: 10,000 House Points per Training Dummy

-Training Dummies Maximum Limit: 3

3. Theft Stimulation Virtual Room

-Description (1): The Theft Stimulation Virtual Room can perfectly stimulate all the Thief's Skills, Arts, Secret Skills, etc.… that the House Members have, providing insights and helping them cultivate their thievish abilities at an extremely high pace and perception.

-Cost: 1,000 House Points for 1 Natural Hour

4. Time Multiplier

-Description: Time will Accelerate within the Thief's House Cultivation Chambers from the outside world!

-Limit: 3X Acceleration (In sync with the Thief's Space)

-Cost: 100 House Points per Hour House Member!

[NOTE (1): The Time Multiplier effect will be available in all the Thief House functions for whoever activates it until the time runs out! If someone activates the time multiplier, they will be able to enjoy the effect in [Thief Cultivation Chambers], [Thief Training Rooms], & [Theft Stimulation Virtual Room]

[NOTE (2): Thief's House Members can activate all these functions at will by paying the House Points, or the House Leader can activate them by paying personally!]


[Thief's House Functions]

[Available Functions: 0]


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