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Chapter 969

Chapter 969

Minhyuk immediately went to his Uncle Munsoo to learn about Ralsden, the candidate who received the effects of the skill: The Ever-growing One. Park Munsoo, his father’s secretary, was quite versatile with his work and brought him the information he required in just half a day.

When he read the information, he found one thing very surprising.

–He applied for Ilhwa Group’s new recruitment and is set to be interviewed today.

Minhyuk immediately ran to Ilhwa Group’s headquarters when he saw that. Currently, Minhyuk was not only in charge of his empire in Athenae but was also in charge of the Royal Department Store and many other subsidiaries as training to become the next chairman. Because of that, he could sit inside the interview room as a particular interviewer.

He watched as one of their employees helped a man sit in the chair before them. The man sat still, his gaze unfocused.

‘He’s Kim Han-Seong,’ Minhyuk thought as he recalled the information, which included his resume, that he had obtained from Uncle Munsoo.

‘During his student days, his interpersonal relationships and leadership skills were so outstanding that he went from an ordinary student to class president. However, when he turned eighteen, he got caught in an accident. He became blind and is now suffering from PTSD.’

One of Minhyuk’s questions, why he could not hunt even though he was trying and working so hard in Athenae, had probably been solved by that information.

‘It’s most likely because of his PTSD, no?’

The probability of that being the case was extremely high. PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, was kind of an after-effect that people who had experienced life-and-death situations suffer from.

‘He’s amazing.’ Minhyuk looked at Kim Han-Seong’s resume in admiration.

A year after the accident, he returned to school and maintained the grades he usually had before the accident. That was not all. The rewards that he had received were also great.

Minhyuk was not sure if he could say something like this. But he thought, ‘He’s like me.’

Yes, they were similar. The thought brought a small smile to his face.

Then, one of the other interviewers asked, “What was your reason for applying to our company?”

This question was one of the usual questions asked during interviews. Since it was that kind of question, the answer that they would receive would naturally be just like the usual.

“Ilhwa Group is one of the leading companies of South Korea...”

“If you ever encounter these situations, what will you...”

“If I am put in that situation, I will...”

Minhyuk nodded as he listened to the conversation. After some questions, one of the other interviewers asked, “You will face many inconveniences as you live your life in the company. This would especially be the case for someone like you, who is visually impaired. It would be quite disadvantageous for you to work in a hectic and bustling company. Moreover, the other employees must be more considerate and careful around you.”

This was why companies were reluctant to hire disabled people even though they had extraordinary talents. These talents would need the help of their colleagues and co-workers.

“Of course, I would receive a lot of help. I believe I would still need the help of someone else to navigate myself and go to the bathroom at the beginning,” Han-Seong answered calmly.

“But I’m sure I will help them someday, too.”

Han-Seong was very confident of that. When he won those awards, he also needed the help of many people. However, he was confident that he could help them in turn.

The interviewers nodded, satisfied smiles flashing on their faces. However, Han-Seong could not see their expressions and grew anxious by the second.

‘What if this place is no different from the other companies?’

Many companies hire people with disabilities just for publicity. These companies would often just put the employed disabled people into positions that would remain at the corner of their respective companies.

Just as he was about to spiral down into his anxiousness, Han-Seong heard the very familiar and young voice ask him, “I want your real answer, not just a superficial and practiced answer. Can you answer me like that?”

“Of course.”

“What is the real reason that you applied to Ilhwa Group?”

There were many practiced answers to this question.

I have dreamt of joining the Ilhwa Group for a long time.

I am determined to help make the Ilhwa Group the best corporation in the world.

However, Han-Seong was asked to throw away all of these things. He remained silent as he pondered over the question. But it did not take too long for him to answer.

“I wanted to live.”

At that moment, Minhyuk recalled the introduction that Carron had used in the video titled “The Burden an Emperor Carries,” which he had previously edited.

I wanted to live.

That was right. Minhyuk wanted to live. That was what made him what he is now.

It was said that the world would not be able to win against someone who enjoyed what they were doing.

‘As long as you enjoy your work, you can grow even further.’

Wasn’t that what people wanted to live for?

Minhyuk shuddered. ‘I can’t wait to see how he will perform in Ilhwa Group and Athenae a year from now.’

According to the details of The Ever-growing One, it could help nurture and develop those who had reached their limits or could not grow for some reason.

‘In other words, it might help him increase his level without hunting monsters. Since he has PTSD, there’s no need for him to deal with the enemies by himself.’

The Ever-growing One would likely guide Kim Han-Seong to the class best suited for him. If one considered his effort, patience, and perseverance, no one would be able to estimate how much growth he would experience in that year.

Meanwhile, Han-Seong gulped dryly after no longer hearing any questions. ‘As expected, everything is the same...’

“I like you the most out of all the people we have met today.”

“Me too. If I were to pick one today, I would pick you.”

“You might need help from others, but you will be able to help others, too. That’s cool and nice.”

Contrary to his expectations, the interviewers began to heap compliments on him.

For the first time, Han-Seong was puzzled and confused. Usually, people would not get any notice of acceptance during the first interview. However, the interviewers said that Han-Seong was extremely close to passing their recruitment.

“Chairman Kang Minhoo has always advocated giving everyone a fair chance,” the familiar voice said. “And based on the hard work, passion, and confidence that Mr. Kim Han-Seong has shown us so far, I believe we will receive good results if we have you in our ranks.”

Minhyuk firmly believed that Han-Seong would pass Ilhwa Group’s recruitment and join the company. This was not only because of his judgment and opinion. All of the interviewers were most likely of the same mind as him just by hearing the positive responses that they had given. So, he struck while the iron was hot.

“And Mr. Kim Han-Seong, I would like to offer you a special recruitment personally...”

“A special recruitment?” Kim Han-Seong’s doubt grew even more when he heard that.

He just could not understand. Wasn’t he just about to pass the Ilhwa Group’s recruitment? Why was he suddenly being offered a special recruitment?

Minhyuk smiled faintly and said, “...in Athenae.”


Ralsden, who had accessed Athenae, was left in doubt and confusion.

‘Is this some sort of hidden camera prank?’

The young man's familiar voice introduced himself as Minhyuk in the interview room. He said that he wanted to hire him in Athenae—or, to be exact, to bring him into the Beyond the Heavens Empire.

At that moment, Ralsden could not help but question himself. ‘Why? Why on earth do you want to take in someone like me?’

The Beyond the Heavens Empire was a haven filled with high-rankers. It was a nation all players hoped to join and was the subject of everyone’s envy. It was also the only empire that bravely stood against the Luvien Empire. And the emperor of a place like that said that he wanted to scout him and bring him to their ranks?

‘Isn’t this a bit too much?’

If this were a hidden camera prank, then Ralsden would be furious. Were they doing this to him, who was already inconvenienced and living uncomfortably? Of course, this also wouldn’t make sense. But between the two, Minhyuk scouting the Level 50 him was the one that did not make any more sense.

‘After all, he became the greatest Absolute God, the Battle God.’

Although he had yet to obtain the Battle God’s full power, he was already the holiest and noblest existence.

At that moment, someone came out to personally meet and guide Ralsden, who had arrived at the Beyond the Heavens Empire.


‘It’s true?’

In the world of Athenae, Ralsden could see. Although Athenae could not cure mental illnesses, including PTSD, players could overcome inconveniences like blindness and other physical disabilities inside virtual reality.

And right now, Ralsden was standing face to face with the noble and majestic Beyond the Heavens’ Emperor Minhyuk. Ralsden’s heart was thumping like crazy as he uttered the question he had asked himself repeatedly.

“Why...” Thê sourc𝗲 of this content n/o/v/(𝒆l)bi((n))

Why someone like me?

Not only was he blind, but he was also someone who could not hunt monsters in Athenae because of his PTSD.

Aristotle said, “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.”

Someone also left a quote saying, “Will and determination, hard work, and patience are the keys to success.”

Because of those words, Ralsden had been able to endure, even when people around him told him otherwise.

Why don’t you stop now?

–Isn’t it hard? If it’s hard, then you should just give up.

But Ralsden remained consistent. He never changed.

No. I will not give up and fall apart. There will come a day when my flower road will bloom, too.

Unfortunately, someone told him to his face.

But... you cannot see.

Those words shocked him greatly. That was right. Perhaps effort and hard work would bear fruit, but that would only apply to ordinary people. Maybe he could not achieve what he wanted, no matter how hard he tried. After failing interviews with dozens of companies, he had been painfully aware of this fact.

Minhyuk looked at him and said, “I’m considering hiring you as a special employee for two years. Your annual income would be 200 million won.”

High rankers could earn billions of won in a year. Although Minhyuk was a good man, he was also the emperor and the next chairman of the Ilhwa Group. The Beyond the Heavens Empire could be considered a company now. That was why he had to consider the profits and losses he would incur.

“Of course, there are conditions. In those two years, you must turn over 90% of your revenue in Athenae to the Beyond the Heavens Empire.”

Minhyuk was thinking about Ralsden’s growth and development in the future. He was sure he would be equivalent in prowess to some of their high-rankers. In other words, he bought a fantastic talent for such a small price. However, this was not considered as him wringing Ralsden out. After all, he would be the only one to open up his potential and help him grow.

“After the contract ends, you must live in the Beyond the Heavens Empire and serve under my rule.”

The conditions were ridiculous. This was because Minhyuk wanted to make it so Ralsden would be one of his people as quickly as possible.

“Will you accept it?”

[The Beyond the Heavens’ Emperor Minhyuk proposes that you move to the Beyond the Heavens Empire.]

Ralsden hurriedly accepted. He even moved as if he were willing to fulfill all of the clauses of the contract that were presented to him.

‘Is this a dream?’

Just when the thought flashed, he saw Minhyuk pointing at him with a small smile. Then, Minhyuk said, “The Ever-growing One.”

Immediately after that, a notification rang in Ralsden’s ears.

[The Growth Authority rests upon you!]

[Your EXP Acquisition Rate will increase by at least 1.5x to at most 10x!]

[The Growth Authority: The Ever-growing One is observing you.]

[The Growth Authority is shocked after observing you!]

Ralsden’s face was filled with confusion when he heard the notifications. Of course, Minhyuk, who used the skill on him, could also hear a similar set of notifications.

‘As expected, choosing him was not wrong.’

The Ever-growing One was a skill that allowed those who worked hard, had passion, and had perseverance to grow further.

[The Growth Authority: The Ever-growing One will exhibit more special power!]

[Your EXP Acquisition Rate will increase by three times right away!]

[The Growth Authority: The Ever-growing One wonders why you failed to grow and develop!]

[The Growth Authority: The Ever-growing One begins to search for a new class that will help you grow and develop!]

The notifications above made Minhyuk’s eyes grow wide. ‘It’s going to give him a new class right away?!’

This skill was one of the godly and divine powers in the Battle God’s possession. He did not expect that it would exert this much power.

‘Was it because Ralsden is just that special? I wonder how it would solve Ralsden’s aversion to hunting monsters, hmm?’

However, thinking about it was no use. The Ever-growing One had already found a class that suited Ralsden among the tens of thousands of classes.


[Changing the legendary class: Master of Hard Work and Labor!]


[The conditions for promoting the legendary class: Master of Hard Work and Labor have been met!]


[You have been transferred to the God Class: Descendant of the God of Hard Work and Labor!]


Minhyuk and Ralsden were both stunned, speechless at the whirlwind of events that happened so suddenly.

‘That’s crazy...’

This situation was also wholly unexpected for Minhyuk. But the notifications were not yet over.

[The Class Quest: Life Summoner’s Path has been created!]

‘Does this mean that Ralsden has already met all of the requirements for becoming the God of Hard Work and Labor, which is why it's guiding him to the Life Summoner’s Path?’

Ralsden had developed his DEX to a high degree by repeatedly doing hard labor. That probably satisfied the conditions for the Descendant of the God of Hard Work and Labor. On the other hand, he still had not met the conditions for becoming a Life Summoner.

‘If he becomes a summoner, he would not need to kill the monsters alone.’

It even solved his problems because of his PTSD.

“How can I get a subclass all at once?”

It was so shocking that even Ralsden, who was involved himself, could not understand the situation.

“Why did my class suddenly become a God class...? And there’s also the Life Summoner Class, which is legendary.”

Ralsden once again questioned everything that happened to him.

‘Why? Why someone like me?’

Minhyuk smiled at him and said, “Because you tried and worked hard.”

Ralsden pondered over Minhyuk’s words. Then, he quietly recited, ‘Will and determination, hard work, and patience are the keys to success.’

That was right. Ralsden was now finally receiving the rewards for his hard work and patience.

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