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Chapter 1160 17.87 Fourth Violet Star - The Wedding Venue

1160  17.87 Fourth Violet Star - The Wedding Venue

Since Yara's awakening, such gestures have been the norm. So Yara's parents and siblings didn't think much of his increased clinginess, but his grandparents were unusually silent during the experience and even watched them depart to sleep.

Clodius von Chrysalis whispered, "They are trying too hard."

"Sshss~ Okay, it's time to sleep. Everyone dispersed." Argus Blues von Chrysalis said as he left first, followed by Clodius von Chrysalis and Hu Jinzi, who was under their care.

Argus Blues von Chrysalis was ready to return to the couple's mansion in the neighboring woodland, trailed by Clodius and Hu Jinzi. They all left the little world a year ago to prepare for Yara von Chrysalis and Caesar Mitchell von Imperlian's wedding.

The moonlight is the sole source of light on the gloomy route, which is surrounded by nature and tall trees. They were about to cross the wooden bridge when Argus Blues von Chrysalis abruptly halted and glanced up at the full moon above their heads.

"Lord Hu, are those two children about to leave this world?"

This inquiry is very blunt, implying that the Butterfly Emperor is aware of Hu Jinzi's true identity. He had been acutely aware of auras. So it took him a long to recognize the similarities between this guy, Hu Jinzi, and the aura of the heavens that had given him his current life and family. The Heavenly Laws of this universe are like his parents to him. Clodius von Chrysalis didn't understand what his husband was saying at first, but after hearing this exchange, he realized who Hu Jinzi was.

A doting smile appeared on Hu Jinzi, "You already know. Little Blues is truly smart."

Clodius von Chrysalis realized who Hu Jinzi was and was stunned after learning of his connection to the heavens.

"A-Are you... this Universe's Heavenly Laws!?" Clodius asked in surprise.

Hu Jinzi didn't answer Clodius' question and answered his Little Blues question instead.

"The World rejects them as it is afraid of them. They are too powerful after all, moreover, their vessels were already God-level so the world could no longer tolerate them even if I approved of their existence. They've been suppressing their divinity for a few years. Even so, the world wanted them to ascend as soon as possible," Hu Jinzi explained.

Argus Blues von Chrysalis asked, "Is the wedding day the last time they can stay here?"

"Even that is something they've been forced to do. The rejection of the world had started as early as last year. It started removing their connection to the world and even erasing the vessel they have right now to be able to keep staying here." Hu Jinzi said. "Don't be sad, Little Blues. They are just returning where they came from. When you choose to ascend in their world, I shall accompany you. With this vessel, I can temporarily leave this universe but before that, I need to find a few protectors to take your place."

"I'm sorry," Argus Blues von Chrysalis expresses his remorse for Hu Jinzi. Before he had his own family, he had been accompanied by the heavenly laws.

Hu Jinzi comforted, "I don't mind. The children will leave the nest when they grow up. Tomorrow we still have to see them off. Let's take a rest tonight."

The three of them then return to their respective homes. Hu Jinzi was given his own mansion by the Chrysalis Clan since the Butterfly Emperor regards him as a guest. Most of them had slept well that evening after dispersing at night and returning to their own basic houses.


When the sun rose again for another day, the preparations for the wedding ceremony resumed. Almost everyone on the Sanctuary Star was engaged at work. Only both of them were permitted to sleep a little longer because they would be the focus of today's festivities. The wedding preparations were assisted by all races residing in the Sanctuary Star. Tables were set up on several of the tree verandas. This is where the visitor will spend the night. There are also tables, however because the surface is a massive pond, only Sentient species that dwell in water utilize the ice table and chairs.

Many of them were occupied as they went about the wedding location. Surprisingly, the place picked is the sky over the sea near the major palace, which is not far from the main city. Sanctuary Star's Main City is surrounded by sea. It may be stated that the land they live on is a large lotus blossom where they built their dwellings.

The decorations at the wedding location were quite similar to those at Jace Green's wedding; the only variation was the quality. The trees that emerged from the water produced the majority of the crimson blossoms. Their branches are intertwined, and a few Lantern Flowers the size of a human head dangle from them.

A portion of the pond's surface had frozen, allowing people to walk on it. Peeking beneath their feet, they can see multicolored fish swimming beneath them; it was a sight to behold. After the venue was finished, some Sentient Beings worked part-time to prepare for today's event. During the work, they assumed humanoid shapes. They were compensated in advance, and they were given certain resources to help them grow further. Hei Anjing and Ye Xiajie negotiated the payment, therefore the quality is excellent.

When the location was finally ready to open, individuals who had gotten invites received the notification to prepare for the teleportation. Many visitors had previously prepared and were waiting for the appropriate time to be transferred directly from another planet to Sanctuary Star. This is an activity that only people in God's State can do. Nobody can dispute that the Mystical Butterfly Clan possessed a God. After all, they were the most powerful race in the cosmos.


Outside of the world, in Planet Hope, the residence of the Imperlian Family.

The wedding had been extended to all members of the Imperlian Family. After all, the Groom is none other than the former Grand Marshal of Imperium Star. Despite their familial connection, Caesar Mitchell von Imperlian and Cale Meijer von Imperlian regarded each other as brothers even after their parents died.

The Noble Faction would have devoured him whole if it hadn't been for the original Grand Marshal surreptitiously shielding his younger brother. As a thank you for offering his mother's vessel to the God of Void, Ye Xiajie took care of the Imperlian Family as well, but not as much as Hei Anjing did for the Chrysalis Clan. After all, unlike the former, the latter is linked by blood, as Hei Anjing's soul piece was reincarnated in this world through this family.

At the very least, Ye Xiajie preserved them alive and given them a prosperous future. The remainder would be determined by them. Except for Jace Green von Imperlian, who became a friend of his wife in this planet, this family had little luck ascending in the future.

At a modern mansion surrounded by pine trees and an attached courtyard with an orchard...

The Imperlian Family met in the living room, dressed formally. They were waiting for the invasion's Teleportation Circle to activate. They'd been waiting a long time when a space door materialized in front of them and opened from beyond. A man steps out of the door wearing a uniform that appears to be an escort to a dinner.

This guy is a Sentient Being, an intelligent lifeform that has learnt to take on human characteristics. Except for a few scales on its neck, he seems human. This person's strength is also quite strong, with at least an S-rank existence. When the man recognized the invitation in their hands, he smiled professionally and bowed softly.

The escort with scales on the neck said with courtesy, "Esteemed Guests, the Space Tunnel towards the Sanctuary Star is open. Allow this servant to escort you to the Wedding Venue. Please follow closely."

"So powerful. Bing'er, can you see what kind of creature he is?" Jace Green von Imperlian whispered.

Little Bing'er pinched his husband and scolded, "Don't be rude, Jace!"

"Madam Bing'er, there is nothing to worry about. This servant doesn't mind. To answer to Lord Jace, this little one is a blue carp. I still need to complete my leap to the dragon's gate so I can't completely control my human form. I hope this appearance is not rude to the guests."

Madam Cecilia spoke, "Don't worry, young man. It's my son who was rude. Do forgive him."

"That's right, Jace. It's rude to directly ask a Sentient one's real form. Don't do it again!" Cale Meijer von Imperlian reprimanded his youngest son.

President Christopher spoke up, "We should go. We cannot be late for the wedding of the Exalted Lords."

"I didn't forget anything. What about the gifts?" Silvan von Rosegard said.

"Don't worry, honey. I've made all the preparations for the gifts including the ones for your brother," President Christopher Klein von Imperlian.

"Okay. Let's all go!" Cale Meijer von Imperlian said.

Following their escort within the space gate, he assumed the lead as the elder in the group. A tube-like path materialized before their eyes within the space tunnel. A carriage is also waiting for them to ride in. There are other carriages similar to theirs, and the individuals inside are evidently also guests for the Wedding accompanied like themselves. They couldn't help but be taken aback by such a magnificent sight. It is nearly difficult for anyone who did not participate in God's Stage to travel around the cosmos without a starship. Nnêw n0vel chapters are published on n0v/e/(lb)i(n.)co/m


Following their escort within the space gate, he assumed the lead as the elder in the group. A tube-like path materialized before their eyes within the space tunnel. A carriage is also waiting for them to ride in. There are other carriages similar to theirs, and the individuals inside are evidently also guests for the Wedding accompanied like themselves. They couldn't help but be taken aback by such a magnificent sight. It is nearly difficult for anyone who did not participate in God's Stage to travel around the cosmos without a starship.

Though there are tunnels to shield them from the pressures of outer space, this translucent path allows them to stay in their present vehicle without being destroyed. This demonstrates the talents of the Gods, Yara von Chrysalis and Caesar Mitchell von Imperlian. They can look into space without worrying about the pressure of the galaxies, and they can enjoy the beauty along the route.

Another entrance at the end of the tunnel goes directly to the Sanctuary Star's territory. They opened their eyes to another spectacular view after passing through the space door, from a backdrop of galaxies and stars. Houses and structures landed on top of these massive blooms. A city on the water's surface. To move freely in this metropolis, one may only fly or utilize water as a form of transportation.

The wedding venue is not far from them. Trees rose over the lake, their leaves and branches shading the tables put on it; crimson flowers of all forms hung from them. Some flowers were also fluttering about. A portion of the surface water was thickly coated with ice, allowing one to walk on the pond's surface. The landscape in front of them is too magical and captivating.

"This wedding venue is extravagant. Even the waiters, escorts, and chef were all Sentient Beings which at least possessed the strength of S-class as most of them are in their human form." Silvan von Rosegard said.

Jace Green von Imperlian pointed in the sky and saw the altar and red lotus flowers on the sky like a staircase. "Look over there! The altar is floating. How did that happen?"

"You need to calm down," Little Bing'er said.

Cecilia Green was astounded as well. This scene is too much for her as a former commoner, and she can't help but clutch to her husband's arm. The scenes in front of him are much too Godly. She even thought she is dreaming.

"This place is too Godly. Is this heaven?"

"Of course not. Maybe the heavens are a lot more beautiful than this. As expected at my elder brother's wedding." Cale Meijer von Imperlian said as he laughed proudly.

When they had done gazing around, the escort who had been waiting for them to calm down led them to the table where they were seated. Many more visitors shared their feelings.


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