I’ll Be The Warrior’s Mother

Chapter 280

Chapter 280

How can it be?

Kaywhin, upon noticing where Yelenas gaze landed, blushed ever so slightly.

Theres still a bit of time before the banquet begins.

Thanks to the efficient maids, the preparations were completed sooner than anticipated.

Yelena, silently appreciating the maids craftsmanship, took Kaywhins wrist and led him into a nearby room.

A short while later, the tightly closed door opened, and the couple emerged.

Kaywhins lips were notably reddened, while Yelena appeared more relaxed than she had been before.

Lets go, she beckoned with a cheery tone, guiding Kaywhin forward. He followed without resistance, wiping away the rouge that had smeared his lips with his thumb.

The grand banquet hall was alive with activity.

Nobles filled the space, gathering in groups to exchange greetings, share laughter, and engage in conversation.

Its been so long, Lady Rose.DiiScôver 𝒏𝒆w stori𝒆s on no/𝒗/e()/lbin(.)com

Countess, you look exceptionally beautiful today.

Lady Viscountess, you are radiant as well.

Duke, you remain ever so distinguished. How fares your son?

Ive heard youre planning to remarry. Is it true shes a daughter of a rural lord?

The atmosphere buzzed with excitement.

Nearly two months had passed since the demon invasion. Most of the nobles hadnt enjoyed proper leisure, being preoccupied with their lands, family affairs, and businesses. A few, accustomed to indulgence, felt particularly deprived.

And then came the invitation to the grand banqueta most welcomed piece of news for many.

By the way, have you heard the latest gossip?

Such events invariably featured alcohol, food, music, and of course, rumors. All attention turned to the individual who introduced the new topic.

What are you referring to?

Something from Lord Pernels estate

Oh, the tale about Duke Mayhard slaying the Demon King?

A snide chuckle emanated from a young man, arms crossed, clearly amused by the story.

Is that even a credible story?

The Duke Mayhard, a descendant of the hero?

If thats true, then I might as well be a descendant of the gods.

A rotund middle-aged noble snickered, sparking laughter among his peers.

However, it might not be a mere baseless rumor Many claim to have witnessed it, after all.

You seem uninformed, my lady. Rumors have a way of getting blown out of proportion.

The young man who had earlier scoffed at the dukes accomplishments spoke as if enlightening her.

A single witness becomes two, then three, and before you know it, it multiplies to a hundred. Isnt that the very nature of rumors?

Youre not wrong.

For anyone to claim that Duke Mayhard, of all people, is the descendant of a hero seems a bit much

If he were truly a descendant of the hero, why would he be born with such a terrible mark on his face? Its as if not receiving a birth blessing wasnt enough, he has a curse?

It indeed doesnt add up.

But who spread this rumor in the first place?

Someone immediately offered a theory.

Could it have been Duke Mayhard himself?

Ha! Surely you jest!

Didnt the rumor originate from Lord Pernels castle?

The Marquess had visited Lord Pernels castle. What if he had bribed someone during his stay? Its not entirely outside the realm of possibility.

No way!

If this is true, its truly disgraceful!

Several individuals erupted in laughter.

However, it wasnt out of genuine amusement. Their laughter was an exaggerated attempt to mask underlying unease and apprehension.

Duke Mayhard defeated the Demon King? Hes a descendant of the hero? No, that cant be.

It simply couldnt be true.

They had consistently ostracized and berated Kaywhin due to rumors of his demonic curse.

And now, to hear he had vanquished the Demon King?

Saved the world from peril?

It was inconceivable. It just couldnt stand.

It has to be a baseless rumor.

An elderly noblewoman, with a tone of finality, clicked her tongue and remarked,

Considering the casualties weve faced, for someone to exploit the situation by spreading such rumors to bolster their own reputation His intentions are truly vile.

And perhaps thats why his appearance is as unsavory as his character, chimed in a man beside her.

Exactly. That hideous face one would dread to see at night!

If one has an unattractive face, they should at least have a pleasant heart!

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