Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 2976 An Endless Weaving! VI

Chapter 2976  An Endless Weaving! VI

Another unique Fruit of Existence formed above a golden Haven of his!

And this was on top of a current output of 1,440 Quintessential Fruits of Existence a day from the Infinite Existential Omniversal Seed.

As this began…

{A Unique Fruit of Existence has begun to form within your Aletheian Haven of Helios.}

{A Unique Fruit of Existence has begun to form within your Aletheian Haven of Quantum...}

{A Unique Fruit of Existence has begun to form within your Forge…!}

Within his Havens, within his Forge.

The backbone of Fruits of Existence began to form.

But he wasn't something as massive as the Infinite Existential Omniversal Seed.

The progression of his Fruits of Existence was a little slower as even after 30 seconds passed, they were not even halfway done!

But nonetheless, they were forming.

It was a reality that very few Entities could say they witnessed in the eons that passed or were capable of doing it themselves- especially if it was someone in the Neonate Stage of the Existential Dominium Realm!

And with it occuring…

{The analysis of the Fruits of Existence under Existential Analytical Looter has increased greatly.}

{Your Dominium has begun producing genuine Fruits of Existence as you turn your existence into something capable of a profound action.}

{Your extremes support your heavy path.}

{Your Fable stands strong enough to support such Existential shattering actions.}

{Many authorities within you are budding waves of Existential Extremity Authorities and increased elevation in their status.}

{The Weavings of the Extremity of the Hero flourish with brilliance as they garnered enough support from Quintillions upon quintillions of existence that were saved from extinction, accumulating concentrated seas of authority that can be transformed into at least 1,000 Quintessential Fruits of Existence through your Dominium.}

{All those who looked upon your existence as one that saved them have been Recorded in the Fable of the Hero. Existences sharing a unique fate or destiny have been highlighted.}


The endless amounts of people he saved within the Vacuous and Vitalis Existential Domains.

They bore literal fruits from his endeavors as the prompts continued!

{The Weavings of the Extremity of the Villain flourish with brilliance as they garnered enough support from many Entities with high levels of existence that considered you the bane of their existence, one who has destroyed everything they have built along with their weavings of Existence.}

{The Weavings of the Extremity of the Villain have accumulated concentrated seas of authority that can be transformed into at least 2,000 Quintessential Fruits of Existence through your Dominium.}

{All those who looked upon your existence as the bane of theirs have been Recorded in the Fable of the Villain. Those with the greatest capabilities to stand in your way have been highlighted.}


Within him, a scripture containing the Fable of the Villain unfolded as waves of information flowed from it.

Those who considered him a great enemy.

At the top of the list currently, there were some unique names.

1- Archon Basileus Al-Abalem 2- Basileus Anaine 3- Archon Basileus Ignatius 4- Archon Basileus Lethith 5- Royal Basileus Observer…

There were many who considered him a great enemy as just in the top five, three were Archons who led Legacies!

But none of this caused Noah to fear as he lingered on the name Basileus Anaine for a moment, thinking of the woman who made a choice not too long ago.

And as he thought about his enemies…

|The weavings of those who stand against the Existential Omniversal Emperor must be eradicated!|

A heavy intent reverberated out within Noah's mind, with this intent actually stemming out from beings connected to him.

A part of his will flashed to observe a scene near a transforming Existential Omniversal Blacksmith's Forge.

Here, dozens of Existential Illusory Weavings floated powerfully as they stared at the depths of the Blacksmith's Forge where the outlines of massive Existential Automatons were coming to fruition.

Around this region, magisterial Existential Omniversal Extremity Passages pointed down and gushed out authority endlessly that flowed towards the Dominiums of the invisible army of Noah's, with some even going to the Illusory Weavings of the Mimeisthais he had destroyed and analyzed!

The intent wishing to destroy his enemies stemmed from them while their very existence was being strengthened- while they were being pumped and restructured with Manadynamics at their base, along with the infusion of other Existential Extremity Authorities.

This was just one side of the Infinite Existential Omniversal Seed and Noah, with there being so many to pay attention to as regarding the intent thrown out by his invisible army…

{Not quite yet…}

Noah sent a command back as he brought a majority of his will back towards his visage on the throne.

He had to.

Because even as Fruits of Existence were now being produced and generated every minute, Manadynamics did not stop there.

The Infinite Existential Omniversal Seed did not stop there.

Noah's Dominiums pulsed as they felt something shocking forming, his rousing will pulled towards the newly forming Quintessential Gradations of Extremity that even he hadn't perused through yet.

How vastly did they change the progression across the Gradations of Extremity compared to the Vitalis and Vacuous Hyperversal Domains? Compared to the Great Imperium?

He didn't get a chance to even answer this question yet as above these very Quintessential Gradations of Extremity…


The foundations of something even more ecstatic began to form.

Powered by the endless authority of Manadynamics.

Its authority that stated it could change all forms of authorities into something it wished.

At this moment, it carried the blazing authority of the fallen Annals of Extremity, of the weavings of devoured Existential Domains as its result…

{The Infinite Existential Dominium Sky is being forged.}

Set to be above the Quintessential Gradations of Extremity.

Set for those in the Existential Dominium Realm. Rêađ lat𝒆st ch𝒂pters on n𝒐/v/𝒆/l(b)i𝒏(.)c𝒐m

Across the Omniverse, it was known that there wasn't a cap on how far one could grow their Dominium.

It was an endless process.

Countless Fruits of Existence were devoured as no entity has found a cap on their progression.

And on this day, an entity newly born in the Existential Omniverse began forming a construct of an Infinite Existential Dominium Sky that would propel him across this endless weaving of progression.

As he embarked on this endless weaving of existence that many others had already stepped on over the eons!

On this day, the Infinite Existential Dominium Sky was being formed as from it…an Endless Weaving awakened!

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