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Chapter 304 Chameleon’s Maze 10 -Spirits Contract

Chapter 304 Chameleon's Maze 10 -Spirits Contract

The Hound growled behind me as I shot towards the blind bitch— I knew Nari could feel everything, and she purposely brought this thing here. Still don't know why her team's not here.

"Ren! Jump!" Aron yelled. I turned and saw a blinding orb of fire, and I jumped. Next thing, I felt a current of wind under my feet, propelling me way above what was intended. I soared high enough to see eye to eye with the Amphiptere.

"Attack!" Aron said, but I didn't attack. Instead, I flipped upside down and dove down. It's no use wasting mana on attacks that won't do any harm.

The Hound was struggling to get on its feet— don't tell me the fireball hit it since I was out of sight.

I landed on the ground and ran towards Nari again, who was now preparing a spell. She's a wind user.

As I closed in on Nari, I could see the determination in her eyes—maybe her stance, since she can't see anyway. She knew I was coming for her, and she was ready to defend herself.

Without hesitation, I summoned a surge of fire to surround me, creating a protective barrier against any incoming attacks. As I approached Nari, she unleashed a powerful gust of wind, trying to push me back.

But I stood my ground, channeling my mana to maintain the barrier and pressing forward with relentless determination. The wind buffeted against me.

Closing in, I reached out my hand and grabbed her before she could jump back.

"You brought that thing here—now help me with it," I said, planting my foot on the ground before turning up and pushing all my mana into my hands. Twirling, I threw her straight into the jaws of the Shadow Hound.

She screamed weirdly before she was nearly caught by the Shadow Hound, but at that moment something happened. The ground raised under the Shadow Hound, and a ten-foot-long spike of earth went past its abdomen, jerking the hound as its eyes went white.

Nari fell to the ground with a thud.

A big explosion caught my attention, and I saw the Amphiptere. Aron was lying on the ground, his hand bleeding, while Vexa stood in front of him, a barrier of ice covering them from the dragon's breath. But she also seemed a bit worn out.

Everything is chaotic.

"Are you fine, Nari!?" asked someone. I found it was the teammates who had been hiding for a while. They ran towards her.

They were the ones who used the spike to stop the Hound. I don't think it's dead for now.

In one corner of the ground, the Luminaries were busy with Adele. They had almost defeated her, but she wasn't backing down easily. They really triggered her nerve.

The only thing that remains is whether I can help Aron and Vexa defeat the Amphiptere or go for the last circle, but I don't think anyone would let me go easily.

"Are you fucking crazy!?" While I was thinking, someone from Nexus came onto me shouting. It was a sandy-haired girl.


"Haven't you seen what's happening here?" the sandy-haired girl pointed towards the chaos unfolding around us.

"...Fuck off," I said.

Before she could respond, a deafening roar echoed through the chamber as the Amphiptere launched another attack. We both instinctively ducked for cover as flames engulfed the area where we had been standing moments before.

Getting rid of the Amphiptere was the best thing I could think of in that moment. It's being claustrophobic around that creature now—it won't even let me think in peace for a second.

Before the girl could say anything, I turned around and ran towards Aron and Vexa, who were now on the move.

"What happened to him?" I asked Vexa, who was carrying Aron while dragging him by the collar.

"His collarbone is crushed, and he can't use his dominant hand at all. Let alone using mana, because mana veins are damaged due to overuse," she explained.

Aron immediately cursed out, "Fucker! Why didn't you attack when I gave you the chance!" He questioned.

"Chance? You almost got me killed, you bitchass," I shot back.

"What are we going to do now?" asked Vexa.

What are we going to do now? I never thought about that—three monsters and two teams that act like crabs pulling us down—what are we going to do?

"I... don't know," I admitted.

"But for now, we are getting rid of Aron. Pass him towards Erik."

Vexa nodded, seeming fed up with always being the one carrying useless baggage.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no!" Aron immediately began shaking his whole body in protest. Why's he that reluctant on the idea?

We managed to get near the door, and Vexa threw him past the swirling barrier.

"Haaa, haaa, done. Next..." For the first time, I saw her huffing. She seemed tired.

"You can still keep going?" I asked.

"...Yeah," she hesitated.

I took a deep breath, letting the situation sink in and sweeping my gaze around—Amphiptere was now focused on Nexus Institute's students, while Adele was swinging one of the Luminary students by its leg and smashing its head from one side to the other. John conjured a wind bomb, and Adele was thrown, bloodily injuring one of its legs.

And everything was happening on the way towards the last circle's door.

"Mrs. Vexa," I called.


"Is there any way you can do that same spell that you did in the match with Mary? The one where you made a—"

"Oh, I can't—low on mana," she immediately dropped.

"That's bad then, I guess," I didn't push. Even I am not that much on the good side regarding my mana pool right now.

And these creatures are getting more and more fierce with time passing.

"If only there was a way we could get rid of that dragon," Vexa muttered.

Nari ran and jumped from one side to the other, evading the attacks of the dragon and still getting hit somehow while her team tried to pinpoint the weakness of the dragon, but it seemed to get irritated by it and attacked with more force.

"Our spells are weaker...." T/his chapter is updat𝓮d by nov(ê(l)

After that what Vexa spoke didn't go through my mind but one word stuck "weaker," Spells are weaker.....they are weaker.

"System," I muttered,looks like I have something to do.

Vexa ran to fight, while I stayed in my spot, contemplating my next move.



[Ren Chris Hilton]

Age: 16.5

Race: Purebred Phoenix

[Level 3: Scorchmaster]

[6 Star Mage In Human Terms.]

Current Progress:

Intelligence: 8/10

Strength: 72/100

Mana: 83/100

[Next Level: Pyroclasm Elder ]

[3079/25000 Exp]

(Level up unavailable!)

Elemental Attributes: Fire

Advancements of Elements: Lightning

Unlock New Advancement: (Open)

Contracted Beast: One

Spirits: None(!)

Skills: [42 skills.]

Learn New Skills: [Open]

Store: [Open]



Everything remained unchanged, but my attention shifted to the option beneath "Contracted Beasts" – it read "Spirits."

In this intricate game, the distinction between nonverbal and verbal spellcasting was pivotal. Nonverbal spells were swift and efficient, while verbal spells required time and resources – much like contracting a spirit.

Four spirits were available: Ignis, Aqua, Terra, and Zephyr. Each bestowed upon its master potent spells aligned with their elemental affinity, seamlessly blending with their own elemental soul.

Curious, I mentally selected the "Spirits" option, prompting a window to materialize before me.



Spirits Currently Available To Connect To:

(1) Aqua

(2) Ignis

(3) Terra



Without hesitation, I chose Ignis. My vision faded, plunging me into momentary darkness, and all sound ceased. When my senses returned, I found myself face to face with an unexpected sight.

Before me floated an infant, silent yet captivating in its innocence. This was a feature I had glimpsed only in trailers for the game, never before experienced firsthand. In those snippets, the player had to make physical contact with the infant – I followed suit, reaching out to touch the flame-

enshrouded figure with trembling fingers.

As my hand made contact, the infant's eyes, resembling white marbles, opened to meet mine. It then drifted away from me, disappearing into the ether, leaving behind a lingering sense of anticipation.



Ding* Ding*

Found Ancestral Soul!

Detected Ignisara's Heir!

Ignisara wishes to contract with the player!

Do you agree to this one-time contract?




Ignisara... isn't that the Phoenix Goddess whose corpse we saw near the Bloodwell? Blaze's friend or something?

I still recall the face of the lying woman in the coffin... whose heart we ripped from her dead body, but her soul? She wishes the contract?

"Yes," I agreed to the contract.



Current Blood Points: 7502 BP

Price For Performing The Ritual: 6000 BP

Do You Agree?




Six thousand blood points seemed way too pricey for the one-

time contract, but still, the name Ignisara made it hard for me to reject it immediately.

I agreed.

The scene shifted abruptly to the ground where chaos reigned supreme. A window appeared, indicating that the contract would last for a mere two minutes. Without hesitation, I dashed toward the Amphiptere, the world around me now nothing but inverted colors, as if reality itself had been turned on its head.

A surge of newfound power coursed through me, as if my mana core had ceased to exist, replaced by an unending pool of energy. With each step, I felt lighter, faster, as if the strings that had once tethered me had been cut, allowing me to move with unparalleled agility.

The Amphiptere sensed my presence and dove toward me, its massive form hurtling through the air with terrifying speed. But I was ready. Just as we were about to collide, I summoned a small speck of fire, no larger than a white marble, and held it aloft.

The dragon, undeterred by the tiny flame, reached out to strike me. But as its claws made contact with the fire, there was a blinding explosion, a shockwave that sent everyone nearby hurtling to the ground. I stood amidst the chaos, watching as the Amphiptere's entire body turned to ashes before my eyes.

For a moment, I stood there, trying to process what had just happened. Then, a lullaby-like sound filled the air, soothing and comforting. It was as if the world itself had stopped spinning, and I was left alone in its wake.

And then, without warning, darkness enveloped me, and I fell into unconsciousness, leaving everything behind.

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