Perfect World

Pikas Afterword

Dear my lovely readers,

It’s been a long, long time. Finally, one of my life’s longest and greatest commitments have been completed.

Just like the milk baby Shi Hao, when I started translating this project, it hadn’t been long since I started college. Back then, I had no idea how long it would take to finish this project, nor did I have any idea what king of commitment a project of this magnitude carried. As I continued translating, there were many times when I wanted to give up, and for all types of different reasons, but today, we have finally reached a conclusion.

To be honest, just like Chen Dong. I feel tired, at the same time a bit relieved, but also empty. I had translated this novel for so long that it had long become a part of my life, my daily routine. Every day, I would watch as this brave and charismatic child grew up, from a mischievous innocence to a teenager with responsibilities to shoulder, and then to someone who could only advance on alone, no one to depend on but himself.

2020 has been a rough year for everyone. For many of you, all plans seem to have collapsed, endless things that you feel powerless before continue to take place all around the world. However, I believe that within all of us is a bit of Heavenly Emperor Huang’s spirit, a will to never give up, unshaken by the temptations and lies of chaos, instead firmly believing in yourself, your own path. No matter how impossible the situation, do not give up, keep fighting on, for your family, for your friends, for yourself. Ne/w novel chapt𝒆rs are published on no/vel(/bin(.)co/m

Thank you all for accompanying me all this time, for being the source of motivation that keeps me going.

I wish all of you the best, and may we meet again in another wonderful world of fantasy.



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