Rest in a Demon's Embrace [BL]

Chapter 238 Summer Palace

Chapter 238 Summer Palace

While Da Tou and Xiao Tou were busy breaking through, Luo Xiao listened to the group outside. They had spent some time looking at the shrew and their conclusion was that another group of experts had fought it before moving on.

"This place does seem quite suitable for training." The mature male voice of the leader sounded, filled with regret. Luo Xiao could not help but narrow his eyes as he heard the disappointment in his voice.

"The Summer Palace is going to open in a few days. If we wait here and fight against these meadow-creatures, then we will be too late to arrive at the Summer Palace. It is not worth it for us to train and lose out on such a chance." The other male voice sounded, quickly trying to remove the thoughts that the solemn man might have.

However, his words contained a lot of information, and Luo Xiao could not help but become interested. He had never before heard about the Summer Palace that they were mentioning, but he had already found that it was hard to get detailed information from others about this Secret Realm, so it was not a surprise that most factions kept all their knowledge under strict control.

"I don't think anyone else in the secret realm knows about the Summer Palace, and Elder Mo said that when he entered it, many treasures were still hidden within, but because of the delay, he was not able to take it all out.

"The Summer Palace is only open for two weeks, and it does not open right after entering the Secret Realm, so we have to hurry up. We can be slow on the way, but we can't stop anywhere to train before we have finished the mission given by the Patriarch." The serious-sounding man spoke again.

"However, although we cannot fight against these meadow-creatures right now, we might want to return here after finishing the Summer Palace Mission. Although we are in the Secret Realm for the purpose of gaining treasures, we also need to learn how to fight better, and this place would appear to be very suitable for such endeavor."

Luo Xiao could not help but raise an eyebrow in surprise. It seemed that this solemn guy was very similar to himself in thinking and planning. But this was a good thing for them, and since they had just given such important information, Luo Xiao was contemplating if it would be more suitable for them to try their hands at joining the team in front, or simply follow them from behind and entering the Summer Place on their own.

Almost instantly after considering the two options, Luo Xiao made a decision. Although he found the more solemn guy very agreeable, it was clear that this group in front was not willing to share the information with others, let alone sharing the treasures they might find.

Even if their leader could be convinced of the benefits of joining hands, the two other members of his group appeared to be somewhat spoiled and arrogant. They would never agree.

Even so, Luo Xiao was quite curious about this Summer Palace. He did not have any guilty consciousness over his plans of following the others to this location, as he felt that anything within this Secret Realm depended on their own abilities to rob it.

It was know before entering that everyone would be able to do what they wanted for the treasures in their hands. It was a well-known fact that many died each time the Secret Realm opened, and that one had to risk their lives if they wanted to get their hands on special treasures.

To him, following the group was actually quite a good solution as it could avoid fighting, and when they reached the Summer Palace, everything would depend on the two groups luck and individual performance.

However, Luo Xiao had to wait for the pair of brothers to awaken from their cultivation before they could set off, and he also had to take away the formation and various protective measures he had used when making the camp.

Fortinately, it did not take long before Da Tou opened his eyes. The whole momentum that escaped from his eyes had gone up several grades, and he seemed much more steady and powerful than before. Luo Xiao nodded his head in approval.

However, the escaping momentum did not last long. It was the left-over energy from the breakthrough, and it was not something that would often leak out of a person's body apart from just after awakening from each breakthrough.

Not long after Da Tou opened his eyes, Xiao Tou also awakened. Much like his brother, the momentum leaked from his eyes, but it was slightly weaker than the one from Da Tou, and he quickly reeled it under control.

"I heard the group outside mention that they are aiming for a place they called the Summer Palace. This location, apparently, opens for a certain amount of time each time someone enters the Secret Realm, and the treasures inside are not ordinary.

"According to what they said, this location is not far from here, and this place should not be known by many. I was considering whether to speak up and join forces with the group, but decided that it was not suitable. In this Secret Realm we cannot trust anyone, and each side has three experts. Neither group will be able to trust the other, and if something difficult happened within this Summer Palace, I fear that they might give us a knife in the back while we are busy with other things. It is not worth the risk."

Luo Xiao explained his decision clearly and waited to hear what the pair of brothers had to say, but both of them nodded her heads approvingly as they listened to him.

Neither of them would have the guts to follow the group, had it not been for Luo Xiao. Since a long time ago, they had naturally taken him as the leader, and they just worked as he told them to. They had found that the results they had gotten now, and the enlightenment they had gained so far were all gotten after meeting Luo Xiao and letting him lead.

"They have already been gone for some time. I think that it is best if Xiao Tou begins to track them down, and I will quickly pack down our campsite. The various formations and inscriptions used are still working just fine, so I do not want to waste them."

Da Tou and Xiao Tou were both good at saving resources, and both of them understood his worries. These formations and inscriptions had saved their base for so long, naturally they were extraordinary, so they should not be left behind.

"I will look for the other group. I will leave behind some small traces on the ground the two of you can follow. They will be similar to when we were exploring the meadow." Xiao Tou had often worked as a scout during their trips to the meadow, so they were all three familiar with the process of tracking and catching up.

It was also because of this that Luo Xiao had no worries. Although the previous trio had been human, they were clearly less alert than the enemies they usually faced while training, so trying to track them down was also good exercise for Xiao Tou to learn.

Da Tou clearly agreed with Luo Xiao, and he also kept quiet as he nodded his head and showed his approval. Although he could not help Luo Xiao with packing up the camp, he was close by to protect the younger man.

Luo Xiao was a soul cultivator and his strength was mental attacks at a distance. If he encountered an enemy close by, he would be in a bad position. Although his physical strength was not bad, it was not comparable to those who cultivated qi, and thus he would always be at a disadvantage.

By having Da Tou by his side, this weakness could be ignored, and he was completely safe. Xiao Tou was also a qi cultivator, so he, like Da Tou, specialized in physical strength, and even if he encountered an enemy above his own strength, then he had not forgotten his previous tactic of escaping. If he could not beat it, then he would run away. When he was alone, escaping was no problem at all.

In this way, the group made a good team that worked together seamlessly, and they all knew their position and tasks.

Nothing more was said as Xiao Tou set off and Luo Xiao began to pack up the camp. Most of the formations were made with the purpose of multiple uses, and only if someone actively attacked them would they wear down.

Luo Xiao was familiar with using these things, and it did not take him long to pack it down before hurrying towards the direction Xiao Tou had left.

Da Tou had not gotten far, and the two caught up to him after a short amount of time.

"I dare not get closer to the three in front. They are moving fairly slowly. Although they seem to be unwilling to really stop anywhere for an extended amount of time, they still move at a snails pace as they look at their surroundings." Xiao Tou could not help but wonder whether or not they truly knew the directions towards this Summer Palace. The way they were walking this slowly made it appear as if they were not too confident.

"They have never been to the Summer Palace before, and all they know is what they have been told by others. I can imagine that they are having some troubles being certain about which direction to take." Luo Xiao felt that it was natural for them to move slowly. Although they were told the location of this Summer Palace it was, after all, the first time they had been to the Secret Realm, so everything had to be double checked. Alll ๐’๐’‚test nov๐’†l๐’” on novelb๐’Šn/(.)c๐’m

"Since we can't hurry, we also look around for herbs and other treasures. However, unlike the meadow, we should try to avoid combat. If we do attract some beasts we need to end them as quickly as possible. It would be best if we can do these things without being noticed by the trio in front, otherwise our plan will become much more difficult."

Both Da Tou and Xiao Tou nodded their heads and after planning in detail it was done so that one of either Xiao Tou or Da Tou would always be trailing the trio, while the other would be looking around with Luo Xiao. From time to time they would change between who were trailing and who were searching for herbs, to ensure that neither of them got too bored.

Like this, the next couple of days went by one after another. Many new herbs and treasures had been picked up and the trio had already gotten a lot of benefits before even reaching the Summer Palace.

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