Shadowless Night

Chapter 149

Chapter 149

He collapsed onto the bed, hands trembling. Tears streaming down her face, Rosaline could only watch helplessly, unable to bring herself to touch him. Ricardis bowed his head and spent a moment in silence. At the sound of Rosaline sniffing, Ricardis clenched the bedsheet tightly.

I still dream of that moment when you were in my arms, Rosaline. You looked into my eyes inside that dusty shack, and then you couldnt open them again. The smell of blood was thick, and the emotions were etched in my heart like a knife. My power, praised by all across the continent, could not reach you. I felt worse than a dirty piece of cloth to wipe away your wipe, and there was no salvation in sight.

The smell of blood lingered. As Rosaline wiped away her tears, she suddenly looked up. The sheet held by Ricardis was tainted with red. It was because his nails had dug deep into his palm. Rosaline approached him on her knees.

Your Highness! Theres blood on your hand! Rosaline reached out her hand, but Ricardis flinched away as soon as she made contact. Rosaline felt a piercing pain deeper inside than where Diech had stabbed her. Her chest tightened.

Ricardis kept his head down, still fixated on the bedsheet.

Today, too, you closed your eyes when facing me. Those wounds wouldve killed an ordinary human. I had to believe that you would be fine, even though you were growing closer to being human day by day. Even though I knew that every scar would be engraved on you just like any ordinary person. Its okay. Itll be okay because youre strong. You always come back to me. This time, too This time, too, itll be okay

Ricardis remained silent for a while, then

But how can I be sure of that? How can I?

He tightly closed his eyes and sat up. As he poured out his emotions, his previously hidden eyes finally became visible. Rosaline looked at Ricardis with anxiety. She couldnt have imagined that those beautiful eyes could look so cold. The first time they had met seemed more tender in comparison. Sorrow overwhelmed her, stimulating her tear ducts.

Sir Rosaline.

As Rosaline choked back her tears, Ricardis gently grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer. Rosalines body leaned forward. With his knees pressed against the bed, he embraced her. Ricardis chest touched Rosalines face. She felt his large, warm hands enveloping her shoulders and back. The tears that had been held back flowed down her cheeks.

Warm energy flowed from Ricardis hands that encircled her back. It was holy power. After a few minutes of silently channeling his power, Ricardis let go of her from his embrace.

Starting tomorrow, Ill send High Priest Laheansi. Rest.

With those cold words, he turned away. Rosaline could only stare at his back without being able to utter a word of explanation or justification.

Thud. The door closed. Rosaline couldnt avert her gaze. No matter how long she waited, there was no sign of the door opening. After a while, she finally looked around the room.

The room, where the coldness had settled, felt empty as if something important was missing, creating a lonely corner for the remaining person. Rosaline sat blankly on the bed, crying, until she unknowingly fell asleep.

Rosaline briefly regained consciousness at the gentle touch of someones hand. She had been uncomfortably curled up, but now she found herself lying straight. Rubbing her swollen eyes, she looked up. It was Macaron.

Not knowing whether Rosalines whimper was due to relief or anxiety, they gently wiped her forehead as they silently looked down at her. Rosaline continued to cry, finding their soft and tender touch strangely heartbreaking. She couldnt tell when she had fallen asleep. When she woke up, it was morning. Macaron was nowhere to be found.


In this world, there were only a few people who could command and dismiss a High Priest, but Laheansi was now traveling by carriage because of those few individuals.

Oh, how full of complaints and grumbling he was. Throughout the journey, there were constant murmurs and grumbles. Priest Verum, in the carriage with him, found himself involuntarily frowning at the extent of his talkativeness and discontent.

Verum, you wretched creature! Wretched and jinxed! Unbearable impudence! You dare to depart without consulting me! Do you think you know better than I do about my schedule?

Yes, I may not know what you were up to at the hunting competition, but I understand that you slept for a solid sixteen hours out of exhaustion. If you keep living like this, youll grow mold on your body, Your Excellency. Please do some work.

Ah, I dont want to! I dont want to! Its Brothers summons. I dont really know whether it was because of that thing a while ago or two months ago, or maybe it was the one from yesterday, but Im going to get scolded, I just know it!

You should address him as His Highness, not Brother, Your Excellency. You must adhere to the protocol of a priest. And what is this and that from two months ago or yesterday? What on earth have you done?

Laheansi, as if he couldnt hear Verums words, continued to vent his own frustrations. As the Moonstone Castle outside the window drew nearer, his mood worsened. Ultimately, he found himself lying on the carriage floor, rolling around. I dont want this, I dont want it. Turn the carriage around! In frustration, Verum silently prayed, reminding himself that one shouldnt hit people. It wasnt allowed. Oh, Idelavhim.

The two of them arrived at Ricardis office, guided by Isserion.

My brotheeer! Did you call me because you missed me? Laheansi, your beloved little brother, is here! Laheansi energetically entered with a forced smile. They say you cant spit on a smiling face.

Why are you so late!?

Late? No, not late! Lateee! It was almost a shout of outrage. As soon as Laheansi stepped into the room, Ricardis threw documents in the air, making Laheansi quickly huddle in a corner. Come to think of it, his brother was used to spitting at smiling faces.

You rascal, what were you doing that made you this late!? When did I call you!? You didnt do anything at the hunting competition; you just ate, snacked, and rolled around on the bed, did you not!? Tired, you say!? You lazy rascal!

Ricardis gripped the table firmly and spoke with determination. Laheansi felt unjustly treated. He had made so many mistakes, yet he was scolded for something so trivial. This was just a venting session! He sensed that Ricardis was angry for some reason and realized he was just the scapegoat.

Ricardis roughly threw the document he held in his other hand onto the desk with a loud thud. Startled by the sound, Laheansi trembled.


Yes, Brother!

Follow Isserion. He will guide you.

Ricardis pointed vaguely in Isserions direction with his hand on his waist.

Brother, if you could please explain the details of the task Yes, I would appreciate it.

One of my knights got injured. Treat them. Pour out everything you can within your capabilities.

Laheansi clicked his tongue and shook his head frantically. You know its exhausting to use up all my power! I have to spend a whole week feeling drained! Why cant you do it, Brother? Huh? Wait, somethings off. Youre here. Why should I do it? Brother, you should treat them!

Ricardis remained silent, staring at the edge of the table. It wasnt as if he had discovered something new on the table that he saw every day, nor was he lost in deep contemplation. It was an expression of restraining the profanities that were ready to burst out at any moment. Veins were visible on Ricardis neck and temples.

Laheansi quickly covered his mouth when he witnessed this sight. Isserion crouched next to Laheansi and whispered to him, If it were me I would just do it.

How foolish. I cant even pity you The tone was fitting for someone who had been by Ricardis side even before he became a member of the imperial family. With the skyrocketing level of trust, it sent shivers down ones spine. If Laheansi endured a little longer, he might witness something unsavory!

To bring prosperity to the people, the joy of a hundred thousand subjects shall be my delight! Laheansi babbled on, pushing Isserions back as he hastily left the room.

It was only after they were far from the office that Laheansi sighed in relief. No matter what happens, stay strong! Why had his half-brothers temperament, which had softened considerably recently, returned to its original state? It now even resembled a thornbush.

Laheansi pondered, then threw a question at Isserion, Is Sir Rosaline injured?

Isserion raised one eyebrow. Its confidential, but you will see soon. Yes, Your Excellency.

Well, thats quite intriguing. Secrets upon secrets. I swear, humans die for these kinds of secrets.

Its confidential. Please forget about it as soon as you leave Moonstone Castle.

Ha, what do you take me for!? But why isnt Brother treating Rosaline?

Its confidential.

Did they have a fight? Couldnt overcome that wretched temperament of his?

Isserion maintained a silent stance until they arrived. It was a place deep inside Moonstone Castle. When Isserion knocked on the door, it opened from the inside. The presence of the man behind the door was unexpected, yet it didnt feel out of place here. With the characteristic jet-black hair of the Radwiell family, beautiful green eyes, and sharp features, it was Calyx Esther.

May the radiant grace of Idelavhim shine upon you, High Priest Laheansi. Thank you for your esteemed presence.

Laheansi almost shed tears. Yes I used to be this kind of person, but my brother always treated me with such disregard.Finnd 𝒏ew chapters on n𝒐ve/lbi𝒏(.)com

May the radiant grace of Idelavhim shine upon you. Ahem, Sir Calyx. It was only fitting for me to be here.

Isserion gave an exasperated look before turning around and leaving. There was one more person in the room. It was Raymond Cimmaron, who had delicately decorated a plate of apple slices in the shape of rabbits. Perhaps being a knight and accustomed to wielding a sword, he showed remarkable precision. Laheansi inwardly exclaimed with admiration.

Rosaline, look at this. This is me, this is Calyx, and this is our Rosaline, the second most beautiful and adorable. The most beautiful one is, of course, my wife, he pointed to each rabbit-shaped apple slice as he explained. Although Rosaline was a patient, his caring attitude was extraordinary, to say the least.

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