Star Gate

Chapter 378: The Five Styles Leap Over the Sea (II)

Chapter 378: The Five Styles Leap Over the Sea (II)

But if Wang Henggang really continued upward and reached Kong Jie’s position, then a mere Silver City with its one million inhabitants would be completely up to his discretion even if it was slated for migration.

Li Hao didn’t normally drink, yet he followed the other two in taking a sip. It burned all the way down; he smacked his lips and drank some tea before chuckling, “Big brother Wang, why did you have your sights set on White Moon City? As small as Silver City is, empty land borders us on every front. You can expand in any way you want from north to south to east to west!

“Silver City was the capital of Silver Moon back in the day. When we grow stronger, we’ll call the shots! What talk of migration... It should be more of you guys migrating to us!”

“Those are nice ambitions!” Wang Henggang laughed uproariously, truly treating it as a joke.

Li Hao wasn’t weak and he wasn’t weak. They were powerhouses from Silver City. But it was almost impossible for the vast Silver Moon to treat it as its core again. Silver City did indeed have numerous empty lots around it. It’d been quite big before and some of the older neighborhoods were outright abandoned when it declined.

It used to be the province’s capital, after all. It was a pity that transportation was inconvenient and its infrastructure outdated. A massive mountain range was found in the north, supposedly bordering other nations. Moving toward Silver City would truly be asking for trouble.

Wang Henggang was also well aware of how many powerhouses White Moon possessed. All of them hid and concealed themselves. As one of their number, he knew some of the details. Li Hao was spewing utter drivel; the kid had only needed a small sip to be inebriated!

“Wang, you treat it like a joke, but I think of it as real!” Liu Long was abruptly filled with heroic air. “Why not? Silver City isn’t worse than any other place. While it may not be the capital again, what’s wrong with having two cores of the province? With Rift Canyon as the boundary, everything to the south falls to White Moon City. Everything to the north can be assigned to Silver City. What’s so inconceivable about that?

“We can rebuild Rift Bridge to connect north and south again. Silver Moon is most suited for a twin core situation. When only White Moon City is the heart, the sixteen cities in the north suffer untold bitterness!”

It was a coincidence that Rift Canyon split the thirty-two cities of Silver Moon into sixteen on each side. The province had indeed operated under a twin core in the past; Silver City had been later demoted. The sixteen cities in the north truly eked out a tough existence; the southern sixteen basked beneath the glow of White Moon City. And with Flare City rapidly developing, the southern sixteen cities as a whole were more prosperous than the north, which naturally made for more powerhouses.

“Twin cores?” Wang Henggang blinked, then quickly laughed. “Let’s work in that direction then!”

He wasn’t discouraging them. He wanted to do the same thing, but knew that it was too hard. It wasn’t just a matter of strength, but also of labor, resources, and vast sums of day-to-day living from the citizenry. These were all hard to resolve.

While old grudges were not fully eliminated after a meal, no one mentioned them again. After lunch, Li Hao and Liu Long took their leave.


Inside the car.

Li Hao drove back while Liu Long stared off into space in the passenger seat. He jerked to his senses after the young man veered into a large rock. Used to such occurrences, Liu Long suddenly asked, “Li Hao, do you think my earlier boasting is possible?”

“Is it supposed to be hard to achieve?” Li Hao laughed and rolled down the window, pointing ahead of them to crush the large rock beneath the tire. The car continued forward. “A twin core system works the best for Silver Moon, but Director Hou and the others aren’t willing to split their attention between two places after the rise of the supernatural. It will only create openings for others to move in.

“Silver Moon possesses wealth, resources, and people. It just lacks powerhouses to anchor the north. If we develop to Director Hou’s level and don’t need White Moon to shoulder any costs, the capital will naturally approve of our plan.”

“Director Hou’s level...” Liu Long became lost in a daze. Killing a Nova with one spear jab? Was that possible?

“Chief, I’ve got it,” Li Hao raised. “The team can familiarize itself with each other over the next two days and run some drills. After that, we’ll take them past Rift Canyon and toward the north!”


“We’ll sweep the northern sixteen cities of their supernaturals!” Li Hao said merrily. “The four institutions are present in the south, so we can’t get a share of the pie. Therefore, we should head north. That’s where our home city is located and there ought to be numerous active supernaturals there right now...

“Additionally, let’s call our team the Demon Hunters! The Silver City Demon Hunters... Forget it, it’d be inappropriate to affix Silver City to it. Not that many in the Sword Sect are from Silver City, so let’s just call it the Demon Hunters!

“We can’t let our little team disappear like this. Our mission statement is still the same as before—to uphold justice!”

Upholding justice... hunting down demons!

Liu Long looked around blankly and glanced at Li Hao, unable to make a sound for a long time. Did the team he’d created still exist? It ran beyond his expectations that Li Hao would name this new team the Demon Hunters.


“Mmhmm!” Liu Long blossomed with joy and asked excitedly, “Then... we call it the Demon Hunters?”

“Of course!” chuckled the young man. “Let’s not go back yet, I’ll take you to view the sea. How about it, chief?”

“The sea...” Liu Long’s eyes widened and he nodded. Let’s go look at the sea. It’d been a long time since he’d visited.


The Moon Sea.

A car stopped several thousand meters away from the Guards complex. The beach was ahead, an unbounded ocean on the other side.

Li Hao stopped the car, alighted, and sank deeply into the sand when he stepped down with his leather boots. He looked into the distance with appreciation, “This is a bay formed by the sea? There doesn’t seem to be an end to it... and it’s only part of the sea?”

He could look very far into the distance. But no matter how far he peered, he couldn’t see the end. If this was just part of the North Sea, how majestic and imposing must the North Sea be?

The sea was very calm at the moment with no sign of the surging, billowing waves that everyone spoke of. Liu Long also got out of the car and smiled into the distance.

“The Moon Sea is big, but it’s said that the North Sea is even grander! I’ve never been to the North Sea, I’ve only ever seen the Moon Sea.

“What a pity that there are no waves today or you’d see more than this. Although the Moon Sea is just part of the sea, it’s still immensely frightening when the waves come!”

“Chief, has your water wave aura improved lately?”

“A little.”

“Then... would you like to have some fun in the sea?”

“Hmm?” Liu Long looked blankly at Li Hao.

“The water wave aura is most suited for a place with water. There are no waves here, chief. As a Dominator, a walking god... You can go create waves when there aren’t any. Show me what it means to be a real god!”

Liu Long blinked. The hell?! You want me to get in there to create waves for you?? Get this straight, this is the sea! It’s not a river or a pond. I can easily overturn any of those, but this is the Moon Sea! The kid thinks too highly of me!

“Go and try, chief!”

“You...” Liu Long was speechless, but suddenly smiled. “Alright!”

I’ll give it a try! He shot upward and raced for the sea. Here goes nothing!

This was his first time visiting the Moon Sea after comprehending the aura. It was a calm and quiet day without wind or waves. That made it rather pointless to look at the sea. One needed to gaze upon its grand scale if observing the deep blue!

Liu Long shot out and appeared over the sea in the blink of an eye. He touched down lightly on the surface, walking on water. Meanwhile, Li Hao also shot up and swiftly landed within the waters.

A heroic air suddenly seized Liu Long and he strode out several hundred meters along the water surface until he was almost one thousand meters away from shore.

“I can’t create waves if I’m too close!” he called out. “This is good. Li Hao, I’ll let you see the water ripple aura!”

He punched out when his words fell. Boom! A massive wave layered nine times appeared as a fist punched through the water surface. Some ripples appeared in the tranquil sea, disturbances that were quickly absorbed by the sea and creating a small wave in the distance.

On Li Hao’s side, the water surface simply undulated once with almost no reaction. Who knew, perhaps this undulation existed to begin with. The calmest water surface would certainly experience some ebb and flows.

Liu Long looked on a bit awkwardly from afar. He roared again and punched once more. Water splattered everywhere as nine layers of waves swept through the area!

A small vortex formed with the explosion this time and caused fluctuations in the nearby currents. But... that was all! L𝒂aTest nov𝒆ls on (n)𝒐velbi/𝒏(.)co𝒎

Liu Long frowned and roared another time! Punch after punch came as the layers of waves built. Li Hao watched silently, eventually glimpsing a wave building in the distance. It wasn’t big as it rose only a little over the water surface. The wave started churning toward shore, one building upon the next...

It was still very calm, there was nothing frightening about the phenomenon at all. Liu Long brought his full strength to bear as he hollered with all his might, punching to create a white line along the water surface.

Waves began rolling through the sea as they towered, each higher than the one before! The waves came in an unceasing roll, accompanied by the roar of the water. They moved toward Li Hao—five hundred meters, three hundred, one hundred...

When they were one hundred meters away, the accumulated waves were several meters taller than the water surface. The waves moved faster; Li Hao’s eyes sharpened when they were less than thirty meters from him.


The somewhat weak waves slapped the reefs by the shore. The waves exploded and sea spray covered Li Hao! The young man didn’t step away—his eyes darted around as he punched out. He could vaguely hear the sound of waves through his blow.

His punch shattered only the water in front of him. More waves crashed upon him after that!


It was just sprays of water, but they crashed upon the stones with the roar of a missile bombardment. Li Hao’s face stung from the force of the last wave.

The waves and layering them!

These were just Liu Long’s creations. He waved his fists around again and again a thousand meters away, continuously creating waves. He was in a fine mood as he punched with gusto, but he soon sensed something different.

His face immediately changed when he looked into the distance. There seemed to be thunderclouds gathering there and a faint wind slowly building. The sea wind wasn’t big at first, but it started whipping into a bigger gale. The thunderclouds also approached at fast speed...

The wind was overwhelming in the blink of an eye. Liu Long ran as soon as he registered the development. He was in over his head! No, this wasn’t his playground anymore. The sea breezes truly had picked up today. So Li Hao wanted to see the waves? He had his chance to now!

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