The Damned Demon

Chapter 543 A Special Guest

Chapter 543 A Special Guest

Esther's kiss deepened, fueled by a raw craving that went out of control after discovering it for the first time in her life.

Her mind was blank and she didn't even stop to think where she was or why she even came here in the first place, leaving only the fierce, burning connection that drew her towards Asher irresistibly.

"Mmnhh…" As Esther's lips moved hungrily against his, Asher couldn't help but let out a low growl of lust.

He never expected Esther to crumble before him like this and realized he still had yet to understand the true power of his Immortal Rod.

To think it had the power to awaken emotions and sensations that were completely severed was terrifyingly powerful in a way.

But what surprised him most was not the fact that Esther was starting to feel these things but how drastically different she came to be.

He had never expected her to care about her children, especially her daughter's welfare rather than only her House.

Maybe somewhere deep inside she did care but since she had cut off all desires and emotions, she never realized or acted upon it.

And now, despite everything he put her through, she gave in to his advances without any real struggle which could only mean she craved him that bad.

This made him feel even more desire to possess her completely until she satisfied him not only physically but politically as well and also use her to mess with Rebecca.

It would be a waste to turn her into a tool when she can become his weapon willingly.

He ran his hands through her silky silver hair, tugging gently to bring her closer still. His other hand roamed down her back, tracing the curve of her spine before reaching for the zipper of her dress. With one swift motion, he pulled it down, letting the fabric fall away from her body.

Esther shivered at the sensation of the cool air on her bare skin, but the heat between them quickly drove away any chill.

Caught in the whirlwind of unleashed desires, she found herself overwhelmed by the intoxicating scent of Asher's blood, a tantalizing aroma that called to the very essence of her being.

Her hands hastily tore apart his robe and threw it away, letting her sharp fingernails rake over his skin, leaving behind trails of blood.

The scent of his hot blood flowing through his veins made her heart pound harder and her fangs to almost extend.

How could someone's blood smell this delicious? Was the queen feasting on such delicious blood all this time and keeping it to herself?

As passion flared, her control wavered, and without realizing, her fangs extended, gently slicing into Asher's lip in her fervor.

The taste of his blood, rich and irresistable, was a mere touch to her lips before Asher reacted with swift precision.

He yanked her head back sharply, breaking their kiss, forcing her into a sudden retreat. The denial sent a hiss of lust and frustration escaping her lips as she stared into his eyes.

"Tsk, tsk…" Asher clicked his tongue, his expression a mix of amusement and reprimand as he shook his head slowly.

He touched his lip, then licked the blood off with a deliberate slowness, his eyes locked on Esther, "Not so fast. Lustful noble women like you need to learn to earn the right to drink my blood. I will reward you if you satisfy me," he said, his voice low and commanding, teasing her with his refusal.

Her face flushed even more not with embarrassment but with overwhelming desire and hope of tasting his blood.

Her breathing became shallow and frantic as she gazed at him with eyes clouded by a frenzied bloodlust, "I…I will do whatever you want if you let me taste it at least once," she pleaded in a demanding way, her voice desperate.

Not even the tens of centuries of oldest and finest blood in her House could ever come near to the tantalizing scent and taste of his blood. So how could she resist when his blood was making her thirst burn her from within?

Asher's response was a dark chuckle as he reached out, grasping her hair to turn her around deftly.

He pulled her naked back against him, her body molding into his as if they were two pieces of a twisted puzzle fitting perfectly together, "Then moan like a whore while I play with you," he murmured, leaning in to press soft kisses along her jawline, sending shivers down her skin. Re𝒂𝒂d the latest stories 𝒐n nov𝒆lbin(.)com

"Hhan~" Esther moaned softly, arching into him. She felt like clay in his hands, completely under his spell. It should have made her wary, but instead, it only made her want him more.

Asher continued to explore her body and held her supple, pale breasts in his hands, squeezing them hard until they turned rosy.

"Oh devils!~" Esther gasped, digging her fingers into his shoulders.

Asher chuckled darkly, switching his attention to her other breast, "Do you like that? Answer me," he demanded, his breath warm against her sensitive flesh while suddenly pausing his moments.

"Yes," Esther managed to pant out, "I...I like it~Ohnnn~"

Asher chuckled as he continued to squeeze the curves of her body with his hands.

Just as Esther felt herself starting to feel the heat beginning to consume her, she felt Asher push her from behind and slam her body against the cold stone wall.

The sudden change in temperature jerked her body, causing her to gasp in surprise.

"Beg for my cock, you filthy slut," Asher growled, biting down on her earlobe.

Esther hesitated for a brief moment before giving in to the primal urge that surged within her, "Please…put it in," she begged, pushing her hips up against him. She didn't care how somebody who was essentially a junior to her was treating and talking to her in such a vile way.

It only fueled her need for him and made her feel more free.

Asher's chuckle was dark and throaty as he obliged, his grip on her wrists tightening as he forced her arms behind her back. The position arched her back further, presenting her buttocks to him as he rammed into her relentlessly.


Esther's back stretched like a tightly strung bow, followed by a loud, oily moan escaping her lips.

She felt like she might get split apart and yet why was this tantalizing tension and pain causing such intoxication?

Andthe pleasure that flooded right after, only caused her senses to become even more overwhelmed.

"How could a whore like you be so tight?" Asher said with grunts of pleasure as he pistoned in and out of her tight hole.

"Ahhhng!~ Ooohn!~Haaannng!~~"

Each thrust hit deeper than the last, filling her up entirely and causing her to cry out in ecstasy.

Each thrust stole a piece of her sanity, replacing it with pure, unadulterated pleasure.

She could feel her orgasm building, the pressure coiling tightly down there as she pushed back against him.


With one final, brutal thrust, she came apart at the seams. Her vision blurred as wave after wave of pleasure crashed over her, leaving her weak and trembling in his grasp.

"Nnngh..." Asher let out a satisfied groan as he emptied his entire load into her twitching cold pussy that became quite warm, especially with his cum flooding her tight cave.

She could feel his hot, sticky seed dripping out of her nether regions and yet feeling her womb full with it made her feel a sense of bliss she had never felt before.

But before her knees could weaken further, Asher pulled out and lifted her up, spinning her around to face him. His lips found her reddened neck, hot and demanding as he sucked and bit at the delicate skin.

"Catch your breath quick," he murmured against her ear, "We have a special guest joining us."

Esther blinked, struggling to focus through the haze of post-

orgasmic bliss.

She turned to follow his gaze and saw a woman entering past the large doors of the tower, watching them with a mixture of fascination and hunger.

"S-Sabina?" Esther froze at the sight of her daughter, her heart racing as she tried to process what Asher had just said.

Sure enough, standing in the doorway was Sabina, her eyes sparkling with curiosity and amusement.

"Sabina, what are you doing here?" Esther demanded, trying to stand on her own feet in a despearate bid to regain her modesty.

But to her horror, Asher kept locking her wrists firmly and kept slyly smiling at her.

"I heard some strange noises coming from this place, Mother," Sabina replied innocently, "I thought I would check in on you."

Esther's cheeks burned with embarrassment. Did her daughter follow her all the way here? Why? Why did she have to come barging in like this?

But then, something unexpected happened. Instead of looking scandalized or disgusted, Sabina's gaze shifted to Asher, taking in his muscular form and disheveled hair. Her lips curved into a sly smirk.

"Fufufu," Sabina giggled as she added, "It looks like you two have been having quite the fun without me."

Esther's eyes widened in shock. Was Sabina actually, it couldn't be. There was no way she would ever consider such a thing.

Or so Esther thought, until she caught the look that passed between Asher and Sabina. It was a look of mutual understanding, of unspoken desires and fantasies.

Did Sabina really crave him that much? Was he really telling the entire truth all this time? Did she fall for him?

Before Esther could protest, Sabina crossed the hall in a blur and suddenly was standing before her, making Esther's eyes widen as she rasped out, "Sabina…leave. Mother can explain."

Sabina chuckled as she trailed a finger down Asher's bare chest, her tongue licking her lips before she looked at her mother's quivering eyes, "Oh, Mother. I have never seen you so worried. You look so pretty now that your face is so warm and colorful."

Esther closed her eyes in shame, taking a deep breath. When she opened them again, she found herself staring directly into Sabina's eyes. To her surprise, Sabina was already standing naked.

"Sabina…just leave right now," Esther said, trying to make her voice as firm as possible while lowering her head. But for some reason she couldn't even gather enough strength to steel her voice or look at her daughter's eyes.

"Mother, don't be shy," she said and added with a wink, "Don't you think it's quite unfair of you to devour my new fiance on your own? If it was any other woman, I wouldn't let it pass. But since you are my mother, I am willing to share him with you together."

Esther swallowed hard, torn between shame and intrigue. Could she really go through with this? Could she allow herself to be seduced not just by Asher, but also by her own daughter's words?

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