The Legend of Futian

Chapter 2969 - Spinoff (3)

Chapter 2969: Spinoff (3)

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“It’s a Heavenly Immortal!”

Many cultivators looked up at the sky of the Tianchu Realm, only to realize that it was split open. A Heavenly Immortal clad in a golden feather clothing was covered with a Divine Light. That feather clothing was like sturdy and clear-cut armor.

Another Heavenly Immortal had shown up in the sky, but they were not from the Palace of Gods.

Young Miss?

The eyes of the crowds were on Ye Zhiyin and her group. To think that these people were high-born individuals who had a Heavenly Immortal as their guardian!


However, which force would dare to cross the Palace of Gods in a world reigned by it? A fellow elder of the Palace of Gods would be an exception. But that would be impossible. Otherwise, Gu Feiyang would’ve known them.

“The Demon Monarch!” The pupils of the Heavenly Immortal of the Palace of Gods shrunk as he stared at the figure dressed in golden feather clothing. Then he mentioned, “I am one of the Itinerant Cultivators from the Palace of Gods, Taishan. Identify yourself.”

The Palace of Gods was ruled by a group of elders whose influence extended across the entire world. There were many Itinerant Cultivators under the command of the elders. Each of them was a Heavenly Immortal, and the Itinerant Cultivator Taishan was one of them.

Divine Light surrounded his body, making him look intimidating. Hovering in the void, he glanced at the masses with a condescending look. In the infinitely vast multiverse, the Palace of Gods was one of the powerful forces that ruled many universes. Tianchu Realm was one of their territories. The Palace of Gods was the most prominent and supreme organization in this world. So, he did not have to care about his opponent’s background.

His enemy was the Demon Monarch—the transmuted form of Little Condor. Explore new 𝒏ovels on novelbi𝒏(.)com

He turned his eyes to look at Yu Shou and thought. To think that Second Elder’s son was bullied by some random person. If he were here, he would’ve cut the enemy in half. Besides, Young Miss was here as well. These cocky lowlifes were totally out of line, making the Condor Emperor furious.

“Uncle Condor!” Ye Zhiyin and Yu Shou greeted. Little Condor was their playmate. Although he was the mount of Ye Zhiyin’s father, they would always pay him respect. They would often ride on him to travel around, while he would also make jokes to alleviate their mood.

“Young Miss, I’ll go and finish off that scoundrel now!” Little Condor stated. Who did they think the Young Miss was? How could he allow her to be bullied by some strangers? It was too much!

The Itinerant Cultivator Taishan furrowed his brows. Immediately, a terrifying Divine Power permeated the sky. A storm stirred up by the invisible Divine Power rushed toward Little Condor as an overpowering God’s Might pressurized the atmosphere.

“What a ridiculous remark!” The whole atmosphere rumbled when the Itinerant Cultivator Taishan took a step forward. A matchless God’s Might pervaded the sky as if reality would crumble at any time. Simultaneously, multiple skyscraping stone pillars descended from the sky, aiming at the location of Little Condor, trying to repress the whole area.

Whoosh! When the gale blew up, Little Condor transformed his body back to its original form, looking colossal. All the golden feathers on his body were like sharpened divine weapons. His form turned into a sparkling radiance when he flapped his wings. They produced flying slashes that tore open the fabric of space, cut off all the skyscraping stone pillars, and flew toward the Itinerant Cultivator Taishan’s towering body of the Heavenly Immortal.

In that instant, the gigantic figure gleamed and transformed into a bona fide Divine Body that assimilated with the world as if it was a god that ruled the universe. Conjuring incredible force in his arms, he hurled a fist will that shattered the atmosphere, stirring up a violent cyclone. It traversed the void and fired at Little Condor.

“Heaven Collapse!” a resounding voice piped. The sky trembled at his command. Countless cultivators nearby felt like their bodies were about to break into pieces. Yet, Little Condor remained unflinching and flew forward as his wings turned into genuine divine arms.


Clang! Clang! The ear-piercing sound of the wings cutting through the fist will could be heard. The unstoppable slashes collided with the Heaven Collapsing Fist head-on, causing a deep, resonant bang that disintegrated many surrounding buildings.

Most people were flattened against the ground when the storm swept through. Almost no one could stand up when the ripple hit.

“This is madness!”

The hearts of the cultivators of the Tianchu Realm skipped a beat at the breakout of the battle of the Heavenly Immortal. No one had expected a foreign cultivator would fight the Heavenly Immortal of the Palace of Gods without hesitation.

Sounds of clashes could be heard in the sky ceaselessly. The atmosphere would quiver intensely at each collision. The scale of the battle between two Heavenly Immortals must be unimaginably spectacular.

“Hey beast, how dare you! Don’t think you get away after defying an Itinerant Cultivator of the Palace of Gods!” the Itinerant Cultivator Taishan chided angrily in the middle of the fight. He could not believe that the Demon Monarch could wipe the floor with him.

“Don’t go around flaunting the name of the Palace of Gods! It means nothing to me! Who are you to bully my Young Miss?” Little Condor continued in a loud voice, “As a follower of my great master, I would be ashamed to return to him if I could not even slay you vermin of a cultivator right now! Slash of Sparkling Radiance!”

Right after he spoke, a dazzling golden Divine Light tore open the sky, creating a fissure in the fabric of space. When the brilliance cut through the heavens, a spurt of blood appeared as the Itinerant Cultivator Taishan groaned in agony.

The impact of the attack sent both the Itinerant Cultivator Taishan and Little Condor flying backward, canceling out the powerful storm. The crowd raised their heads to stare at the sky and noticed blood oozing out of the gigantic body of the Heavenly Immortal. The sight of the missing limb was a little too eerie to behold.

The Itinerant Cultivator of the Palace of Gods, the Heavenly Immortal Taishan, had gotten one of his limbs chopped off.

What a crazy turn of events! To think that one could witness an undaunted individual fight one of the strongest younger generations of the Palace of Gods, Gu Feiyang, while the former’s reinforcement, the Demon Monarch, sever the limb of the Itinerant Cultivator.

Was there actually someone who would stand against the Palace of Gods?

What about the master of the Demon Monarch? Could it be that the woman who Gu Feiyang had asked to pour him a cup of drink was actually the progeny of the Demon Monarch’s master?

Should that be the case, how powerful could the Demon Monarch’s master be?

Another booming sound was heard when Yu Shou hurled attacks at Gu Feiyang. The former easily defeated the cocky cultivator who entered the Proud Son List. The entire fight was one-sided.

“I don’t care who you are, but you’ll be skinned alive for offending the Palace of Gods!” the voice of the Heavenly Immortal Taishan echoed through the heavens. Thunders rumbled when his voice traveled to the sky. Then it was split open.

Following that, a peerless God’s Might pervaded the atmosphere. Everyone in the Taichu Realm lifted their heads to gape at the sky. Many of them showed reverence and bowed to worship their deity.

“Hmm?” Little Condor frowned after raising his head to stare at the sky. This world was controlled by the Palace of Gods. In other words, its will would be equivalent to the will of the world. The Itinerant Cultivator Taishan must have informed the heavens earlier.

An enormous Divine Palace could be seen at the peak of the firmament. A lineup of the Itinerant Cultivators of the Palace of Gods was hovering outside the palace.

At that time, a silhouette opened his eyes while sitting in a lotus position inside the Divine Palace and peered at the lower realm condescendingly. With just a glance, countless rays of Divine Light beamed toward the Tianchu Realm. Meanwhile, a Heavenly Might filled up the atmosphere, flattening against Little Condor, Yu Shou, Ye Zhiyin, and the others.

It was especially bad for Yu Shou, Ye Zhiyin, and the likes. Under the suppression of the Heavenly Path, their faces turned ashen, and their bodies turned feeble.

“Kneel!” a voice sounded like the heavens roared from the above,

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