The Max Level Hero Has Returned!

Chapter 670

Chapter 670

Once again, the discrepancy between the dream world and Davey’s was corrected. At the same time, Davey lost more of his ability to influence the world around him. It was as if his world was trying to expel him because his existence in this world was worsening the discrepancy. And he would’ve likely left the stage without a fuss at first, but he remained right where he was. All because beside Princess Davey, there stood her Rinne, who was perfectly identical to Davey’s Rinne, and her Rinne had not been there in the previous tries.Th.ê most uptodat𝓮 n𝒐vels are published on n(0)velbj)n(.)co/m

"Princess Davey, Rinne detected an identical entity. It is advised to be cautious."

"Master Davey, an entity similar to Rinne has appeared this time."

Princess Davey was at a loss for words, as she was perplexed about the conversation betweentwo Rinnes..

Immediately, Davey said to her, "You’re going to undergo a second Metamorphosis. I'll help you with it."


"You'll die soon if things continue this way."

"What kind of nonsense is that?"

"There's no time. I am also a Davey O’Rowane, not another you from a parallel universe, nor a doppelgänger. Think of me as a helper that ended up by your side because of Goddess Freyja’s shitty trial."

“...” Hearing this from him, she was rendered silent.

"If you don't want to see everyone killed because of the Abyss, get to work."

Davey would try whatever method possible to overcome this crisis.


The point of regression was basically after the Pallan Empire had already been corrupted. So saving the Pallan Empire seemed impossible to him. But to prevent further sacrifices, it was necessary to sever Perserque’s connection with the Abyss as she was the root cause of this situation.

The Power of Taboo was only meant for him, and so it was non-transferable and he couldn’t use it to help her. Perserque was a fragment of the giant soul which was practically Thanatos’ root, so there was just one way to save her. The problem was that it had failed in the previous tries of this time loop, leading to the death of Princess Davey O’Rowane. But there was a simple way to make it succeed. To make the attempt with a low chance of success have a 100 percent success rate, all Davey had to do was work together with Princess Davey O’Rowane, who was right in front of him.

"Tell me. You've done this several times, haven't you? You must have some sort of strategy, right?"

Princess Davey, who did not take his words seriously, once again witnessed the disaster befalling the Pallan Empire and the deaths of Princess Illyna and Prince Sullivan. The distortion of reality remained as long as Davey O'Rowane was still a princess and not a prince, and Illyna stayed in the Pallan Empire. This meant that he still had some chances left.

"It’s simple. We’ll use the Power of Taboo for the Metamorphosis this time."

Once she heard this, she blankly stared at him, then put her index finger to the side of her head and twirled it around. "Have you gone mad? Are you intent on dying?"

He responded to her with a bright smile, saying, "If I hadn’t gone mad, I wouldn’t be doing this. We have enough stacks for Metamorphosis, and mana fusion stones too. I'm not sure if we are missing anything, but it's better than not trying at all."

She frowned. Even if she was a person who didn’t shy away from a challenge, it was clearly a tough decision to make.

"If it fails, I’ll die without a doubt. But even if it succeeds, there's no guarantee of how it’ll turn out. I don’t take gambles with high risks.."

"If you don't gamble, you'll die."

She did not say anything back to him.

"This sucks," she muttered irritably. She then chugged down her wine before murmuring, "I haven't even had my first kiss yet..."

She paused for a second and then continued to say, "I saw what was happening in the Pallan Empire, and I realized that you were not lying. So let's go ahead and do this."

Seeing her confident face, he only nodded quietly.

And then…

"Who are you? What are you doing in my territory?"

…their attempt ended in failure again. Failure after failure after failure… The failures were continuous.

"Master Davey, it is recommended to calm down. Rinne advises that your anxiety isn’t going to help you at all.”


"Umm... Dad..."


Seeing Davey’s grim expression, Red Ribbon and Blue Ribbon began to sob and clung to him.

For the eighth try in the time loop, Winley had returned to the Red Tower, and several more discrepancies between this world and Davey’s world had been corrected. He had tried many different methods to help Princess Davey. He even considered sending Perserque away to another dimension for a little while using a Dimensional Key. He even thought of borrowing the power of Neltarid.

Together, Davey and Princess Davey delved into the Power of Taboo and even resorted to a mindless, random method in a fit of despair. Yet, all attempts failed.


Perhaps it was the side effect of the false reality finding its rightful place that changes began to occur to Princess Davey. She began to remember Davey even after the end of their time loop. And in the current try, she had the look of a realization as soon as she met Davey.

"For some reason, seeing you makes me start to understand what they were."

She turned around with a stern face and called him into her office. And once they were in the privacy of her office, she then asked, “They’re faint, but I see these memories in my head. I screamed, lost Perserque, and died in the end. Tell me. Am I fake?"

Davey quietly nodded at her question.

"Real or fake, why does that matter? Finding a way to save Perserque should be the priority."

She quietly nodded in agreement. "So? At the very least, are you going to tell me what went wrong, leading to our failure?”

"To be honest, I can only say it's been terrible. I’ve managed to avoid destinies numerous times, but it’s different this time. It’s like a lunatic is after us without asking any questions. "

Davey had tried circumventing the laws of nature and avoided his own destiny and the others’. But these did not work in inducing the desirable outcome in this dream-like world.

It was an Absolute Line. Instead of changing an individual’s destiny, Davey and Princess Davey had to defy a fate that made up the foundation of this universe. It was like cutting down an entire tree, not just some branches.

Even if Davey could see people’s destiny using the curse of Rho Aias, he had limits in front of the Absolute Line that wouldn’t change no matter how much effort he put in.

"We still have a choice. It’s actually very effective."

And that was to give up on Perserque. If they went with that plan, there wouldn't be any more casualties apart from Sullivan because Illyna had come to the Heins Territory. Perserque’s death would ensure the safety of Tionis. If that happened, the fate was going to be sealed and no additional discrepancies would be created.

"Are you mad? After promising to protect Perserque, you’re now thinking of giving up on her?”

Princess Davey O'Rowane had an unusual obsession with Perserque from the start, despite the fact that they were of the same sex. Despite the difference in Davey's and Princess Davey's genders, one fact remained unchanged

After she growled at him, Davey looked at her with a stern face and asked, "I've tried numerous methods, but all of them were hopeless."

"So, you’re giving up on Perserque?"


"Right. You better keep that in mind. I won’t care that you’re another me if you have another funny idea like that.”

Various methods had been tried. Even delaying Princess Davey O’Rowane's death had been attempted.

Although the attempt didn’t end with the decline of the Pallan Empire, it resulted in the gruesome deaths of Baris O’Rowane, Winley O’Rowane, Tanya, Yuria, Myuu, Dwarves, and others who were acquainted with Princess Davey.

[To my Saint, who would repeat the same choice even if everything was lost.]

If Davey were the type of a person to give up on his people, then Goddess Freyja would not have pointed it out like that. Revelations were usually vague, like riddles, but Davey could understand its meaning, considering he had been a goddess' servant for more than a millennium.

Every time Davey and Princess Davey regressed in time, Goddess Freyja bestowed him a revelation. Basically, the point of the revelations was that what he encountered in this world was the future that awaited him in his world, and this trial was providing him with opportunities to create a satisfactory future where everyone survives.

Of course, Goddess Freyja believed it was impossible, so she was provoking Davey by suggesting that Davey should come back to her to fulfill his duty as her priest after Davey gave it his all without any regrets.

The endless time loop progressively ruined Davey O'Rowane's and Princess Davey's mental states. He got more impulsive and desperate than before, and his once calm face had changed to the point that Rinne commented on how he looked burdened.

"What are the odds?"

"I’ve tried numerous times. This time, it must succeed."

His confident words made her quietly nod.

It was essentially the only remaining method. Attempts had been made to either directly cleanse the corrupted energy or enhance his power to solve the problem that Perserque faced. But all the attempts had failed. It was difficult to solve the problem in this situation where fate was not on his side. So there was really just one way left.

"I won’t undergo Metamorphosis. Instead, Perserque will. “

Her eyes widened at his words. "That’s impossible, isn’t it?"

"No, it's possible. But to satisfy that condition, you'll need to increase the level of your spirit."

His Metamorphosis could be induced by himself, and if a problem arose from his body, Taboo’s Karma could solve it. But that was not the case for Perserque. She had an artificial body, so could Metamorphosis be induced in her? Training her to go through Metamorphosis was one thing; inducing it in her body was entirely another.

"To make it possible…"

"That is why you boost the level of your spirit."

It took a high-level spirit to not only meddle directly with another person's body but also to change the rules of a crafted fake body in order to make it a real one. A spirit's level also determined the consequence of committing such an action.

"You lost it, didn’t you?”

Davey did not answer Princess Davey's question. There was nothing else to do but to become desperate in the face of repeated failures.

"You might not have seen it, but I have."

She flinched at the pause.

"Baris, Winley, Tanya, Illyna, and Princess Aeria. Perserque included. How many times do you think I’ve witnessed their deaths?"

At first, Davey had thought that their deaths didn’t matter because this world wasn’t his, being powerless to do anything for those who died horribly in front of him caused unimaginable mental pain.

As his influence in this world weakened, he was more powerless over time. Therefore, he had to end the trial as soon as possible, since most discrepancies had been eliminated.

If the fake Davey was no longer a princess but a prince in the next try of the time loop, then that would mean it was the last opportunity.

And his chances were quickly running out. Because of this reason, he had to try inducing a Metamorphosis within Perserque despite the odds being lower than a simple Metamorphosis, given the situation.

Humans, referred to as Horne, possessed innate human characteristics. No matter how much they grew, humans were still humans, while animals remained animals. After all, it was not easy to overcome innate differences.

But he could transform Perserque arbitrarily if he could ascend above the human level. But the process required a lot of effort.

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