World's Best Martial Artist

Chapter 1441 The Return Of The Human King (III)

"Good fortune Jade Disk?"

In the air, Fang ping smiled helplessly.

At the side, Qin Fengqing was deep in thought. He mumbled,"This cat is really easy to bribe. Fang ping, if I get more food, can I change to a world Lord?"

Fang ping sneered, too lazy to care.

Although the old cat was not reliable, it could distinguish between good and evil. How could it so easily exchange the position of the seed?

Qin Fengqing did not bring it up again. He was a little puzzled."The king of earth wants to open a path in the netherworld, you're not going to stop him?"

Fang Ping's origin and the netherworld had become one. Naturally, the king of earth and the rest had entered the netherworld.

There was Dao in the Yang realm, but there was no Dao in the yin realm.

The energy of the two realms was limited. It was not easy for the Yang realm to destroy martial arts, and the yin realm originally had no martial arts. Opening up a great Dao would consume countless energy. As a result, the two realms would sooner or later return to the situation of the previous three realms.

In order for the seed to recover its energy, it would probably have to stage another world-ending battle.

"Aren't the God forgers preparing to create a Heavenly Tribulation? When the heavenly Tribulation strikes, there won't be that many martial artists. "

Fang ping said it nonchalantly, but Qin Fengqing did not take it seriously."Can the heavenly Tribulation kill everyone? The more powerful an expert is, the more energy they can absorb. If this continues, I think the two worlds will follow in their footsteps sooner or later. "

"That's a long time later ..."

Fang ping laughed,"with the heavenly Tribulation, I can at least delay it for a while."

Qin Fengqing glanced at him and asked in confusion,""You should be considered immortal now. Fang ping, if one day, someone really cultivated to your level, what would happen then?"

"Should we restrict martial artists from cultivating to the Emperor realm and above, like the heavenly Emperor, or should we just kill those geniuses in advance?"

The energy of the two realms was limited, and there would always be geniuses appearing.

If one day, someone managed to cultivate to Fang Ping's level, how would Fang ping deal with that?

"I'm fine. "

"You're fine?"

Seeing how confident Fang ping was, Qin Fengqing looked at him suspiciously. Was this guy really not worried?

Or was he really so calm that he didn't mind being replaced?

Fang ping chuckled."The two realms are one. The energy is balanced, and it forms a system of its own. It will no longer leak to the outside world. Of course, there is a total amount of energy. The energy of the two realms is now divided into three parts. The old cat and I each take one part, but in reality, the living beings of the two realms only take one part. "

Qin Fengqing's expression changed slightly.

The energy of the two worlds was divided into three, and Fang ping and the old cat actually each occupied one. What did this mean?

This meant that the hundreds of billions of living beings in the two worlds only occupied one-third of the energy. Even if there was really someone who was extremely monstrous, they would only be able to catch up to Fang ping if they destroyed the two worlds and absorbed all the energy.

What kind of realm was Fang ping in now?

"Then what you mean is that no matter how the martial artists of the two worlds cultivate, they won't be able to surpass you?"

Fang ping laughed."Sort of. Of course, I'm not the one who limited it. It's the total energy of the two realms. If there's a monster, he can jump out of the two realms, learn from the sun god, wander the universe, find a new world, new seeds, absorb energy, and naturally surpass me. "

Fang ping shook his head and said,"I'm not restricting martial artists from both worlds, but you can't expect me to destroy my own realm to help others, can you?" Those who come after me want to surpass me, so they naturally have to pay an even greater price. The two realms can transcend, and I haven't completely cut off their future.

You know that I left a hole in my origin land. Although I repaired it later, there is still a weak spot.

If there really is a genius who can discover it and is willing to step into the chaos to explore the universe, he can naturally leave the two realms after cultivating to a certain level. "

Qin Fengqing was deep in thought, but he still said,"Even so, once someone continuously cultivates to this level and leaves the two realms, taking away the energy contained in their own level, then the two realms will still face a lack of energy ..."

Fang ping nodded. This was inevitable.

This was unless the regional wall between the two realms was completely blocked. This way, no one could transcend, and naturally, there would be no energy loss.

Fang ping had never thought of it that way, so he smiled and said,"whatever!" There is one-third of the total amount of free energy in the two worlds. Once someone continuously transcended, if a few powerhouses like the sun god appeared, then the two worlds would sooner or later have martial ending powers. "

"The end of the martial world ..."

Fang ping thought about it and said softly,"then let's annihilate martial arts of nature!" If a martial artist was unwilling to give back and only wanted to transcend for himself, then the destruction of martial arts was inevitable.

If those transcendent ancient martial art practitioners had some achievements in the outside world and were willing to return, or if they were willing to return when they died, then the inheritance of the two worlds would naturally not be destroyed.

However, if neither of them is willing ..."

Fang ping chuckled and said,"martial extermination then!" This is not my choice, but the choice of the strong!"

"They've taken away the energy, causing the two realms to be in a state of energy deficiency. They're unwilling to return, nor are they willing to give back. At that time, whether martial arts is destroyed or not will no longer be up to me to decide. "

Qin Fengqing nodded and did not say anything more.

Fang ping was not an evil person, but he was not a Saint either.

It was clearly impossible for him to disperse his energy and continuously nourish the two realms.

Whether or not the martial Dao's inheritance could not be destroyed depended entirely on the martial artists of the two realms themselves.

After transcending, if an expert was willing to return the favor or when his life was coming to an end and he returned, the energy would naturally be endless.

However, if they weren't willing, the two worlds would face the destruction of the martial world sooner or later.

Fang ping laughed again."So, the future of the two realms is not actually determined by me. It's determined by themselves!"

Qin Fengqing chuckled."You're willing to let people transcend. What if they really obtain an opportunity in the chaos and surpass you? then, they'll return and kill you. What then?"

Fang ping could not help but laugh,"that's up to them. We'll just have to rely on our own abilities!" It would be foolish to expect others to not improve to protect themselves! My starting point was higher than everyone else 's, but I was killed in the end. I deserved it.

Moreover, I didn't cut off everyone's path, and similarly, no one came to cut off my path. How I walk my future path is up to me.

Other people can explore the chaosverse, but I can 't?

I've only stopped here because the two realms aren't stable yet. Do you think I'll be wandering between the two realms for the next few thousand or tens of thousands of years?"

Qin Fengqing's gaze changed slightly. He was a little dazed. After a while, he said,"You also want to explore the chaos?"

"We'll see!"

Fang ping did not say much.

He didn't know how long it would take for this to happen, so he would talk about it in the future.

Ignoring the king of earth and the gray cat in the air, Fang ping looked down. At this moment, Chen Yunxi and the others below were already seething with anger and had the resolve to die.



The young Heavenly King was already a little impatient.

"Everything has been decided. Humans ... Will not be able to suppress the Three Realms. For the sake of the human legacy, must you all be so stubborn?"

"Stubborn?" Fu changding rebuked. "If Fang ping had not killed the celestial Thearch and exterminated the nine sovereigns, the Three Realms would have been suppressed by the celestial Thearch and martial arts would have been destroyed. Would it be your turn to be so arrogant?"

"Spear King, strength is the foundation."

The young Heavenly King said softly,"if the human race still has a Heavenly King, then the human race will naturally be the king. However, the human race doesn't have a Heavenly King. The human King has passed away. Looking at the history of the three Realms, the possession of a Jade is a crime. Spear King should understand this better than me."

Fu changding gritted his teeth and gripped his spear with both hands.

The other party was right.

The human race had produced many peerless powerhouses, but in the battle with the celestial Thearch, these people had all died or disappeared.

Fang ping ... He had previously believed that Fang ping was still alive, but now, the other party said that Fang ping was dead.

If he wasn't confident, he wouldn't have dared to show himself.

If the Heavenly King said that Fang ping was dead, then Fang ping ... Had he really fallen?

If that was the case, would the human race still be able to defend the Three Realms?

Fu changding was indignant. This was the golden age that Fang ping and the martial King had fought for with their lives. Were they really going to compromise today?

They had fought for hundreds of years, and countless people had died in battle. At the last moment of victory, would they still compromise?

In the distance, there was a wave of spiritual energy.

The people who had escaped earlier seemed to have sensed something and began to return. They did not dare to get close, but they peeked from a distance.

In the deep sea, a blood-red Cloud rose. It was the appearance of a deep-sea demon, and its demonic Qi was overwhelming.

The Three Realms had existed for forty thousand years. In the previous war, countless experts had died, but there were still experts who had survived.

With the emergence of a new Dao, there were also geniuses who took the opportunity to vindicate their Dao.

The Three Realms was vast, and the seas were boundless.

At that moment, was there really only one Heavenly King in the Three Realms?

There were no Heavenly Kings in the human race because they were fearless when all the Heavenly Kings died in battle. In the world-ending battle, none of the powerful cultivators were willing to escape, but that might not be the case for others?

On that day, if they had escaped further away, it would not have been too difficult for some of the Heavenly Kings to survive.

Fu changding was caught in a struggle. Chen Yunxi's sonorous voice rang in his ears."Join forces and kill him! A battle to the death! Even if they die in battle, they should know that even without a king, they still can't afford to offend the humankind!"

The human race would not compromise!

It had been like this for a hundred years!

Did these people think that without martial Kings and Fang ping, the human race would change?


I'd rather die than bite you!

This was the foundation for the rise of the human race.

In the face of the celestial Thearch, the nine emperors, and the catacombs of the past, the human race had never compromised. That was why they had such a prosperous age today. There was no reason for them to bow and bend their knees now.

The three of them were prepared to fight to the death.

Although they were not as strong as Heavenly Kings, they would fight to the death. Even if they couldn't kill Chu Wu Heavenly King, they had to show the others the determination of the human race!


"It's almost time?"

In the air, Qin Fengqing looked at Fang ping."Isn't it time to reel in the net?"

Fang ping chuckled and said,"let's wait a little longer!" "King Huai hasn't made a move yet. To be honest, this guy is so terrified that I don't even know if I should kill him or not. Other than King Huai, there's still another guy hiding. "

Qin Fengqing was a little puzzled. He did some calculations. Who else was there?

Those who should die were all dead, and those who shouldn't have died were almost all dead. He had seen those people from the netherworld, so which Heavenly King was still alive in the Three Realms?

"Celestial pole, you've forgotten!"

Qin Fengqing was stunned for a moment. After a while, he said,"Him? This guy, is he hiding and sleeping again?"

During the battle that day, Emperor Xi had no choice but to dispel his cultivation and fall in the heaven breaking Emperor origin land.

However, Heaven's Fate did not participate in the battle. He was not qualified to participate in that battle.

However, this fellow's presence was really low.

Qin Fengqing actually did not remember the existence of the celestial pole!

King Huai made some movements, but the celestial pole ... Seemed to have no movements at all.

"He's dead, right?"

"You've brought me around, but there's no trace of him at all,"Qin Fengqing said suspiciously.

"He's not dead. If he was, how could I not know?"

Fang ping chuckled,"if he's really going to die, we might be able to see him in the netherworld." This guy ..."

He shook his head and said,"he's still hiding in the broken Western Imperial Palace. Although the Western Imperial Palace is on the verge of collapse, this guy still hasn't come out. I'm impressed."

He was really impressed by Heaven's Fate. According to his investigation, that guy had already broken through the eighth realm.

It could be said that in the Three Realms, the true number one person in the world was none other than the celestial pole.

In the end...No matter how chaotic and dangerous the Three Realms were, that person refused to come out!

I don't care if you guys fight to the death.

That person didn't even leave the Western Imperial Palace, let alone spy on them.

You guys can make a scene!

He was the number one person in the world, and all of you could just treat him as if he didn't exist. Yet, almost no one in the Three Realms thought of him.

As an expert of the origin Dao, there would still be a commotion if he died. Everyone knew that Heaven's Fate had not died.

At times, everyone seemed to remember which expert was still alive in the Three Realms, but when they thought about it carefully ... They couldn't remember the name!

His sense of existence was so low that it was terrifying!

King Huai was still alive, but many people knew about it. As for Tian Ji, he was still alive, but no one remembered.

The last battle was so brutal that the celestial pole didn't even participate.

If his father had not been forced into a corner in the end, he would not have appeared. In the end, after Emperor Xi had fallen, no one paid any attention to the lineage of Emperor Xi.

"Don't tell me you're still thinking of fishing for the celestial pole?"

Qin Fengqing was speechless."Let's forget it. Even if the Three Realms were to collapse from the battle today, that guy probably won't show up!" Don't you know how he got that stupid B * stard? Every time, he is forced to break through. This guy is not even as good as King Huai!"

Fang ping laughed involuntarily and shook his head."In this realm, the Heavenly Kings are all top-grade! If everyone was like them, the Three Realms would really be at peace!"

One Empyrean terminus, one king Huai, and one king Ping Shan. If everyone was like this, the world-ending battle of the Three Realms would not have happened.

It was not good to be too tactful. If he was so tactful, it would be difficult for Fang ping to even wipe out the powerhouses of the Three Realms.

The Western Emperor was in the netherworld, and they had just chatted and drank a few days ago. Now, he had turned around and killed his son for no reason. Although he could bring him back to the netherworld, it would be too embarrassing, right?

"Forget it, I won't wait anymore!"

It was about time to stop fishing.

Since the celestial pole and King Huai did not take the bait, then so be it.

The two of them didn't have much of a relationship in the Three Realms.

Knowing that he was alive, even if he wasn't in the Yang realm and went to the netherworld, these two guys probably wouldn't have any strange movements.


The atmosphere was getting tenser.

The blood-red clouds churned as the monster race experts rushed over.

The waves were monstrous, and the experts among the rioters also sneaked over.

Chen Yunxi and the other two were already prepared for a life-and-death battle. Mcmau, Wu kuishan, continued to lead the opening ceremony. Beside him, a small sword loomed. It was also ready to attack at any time.

A great battle was about to start.

At this moment, in the sea, a powerful demon shouted with a monstrous aura,""Defend and exterminate the human race. Chu Wu will control the land while the demon race will control the sea. We will not invade each other. How about it?"

Guard, the disciple of the god of the underworld.

The young Heavenly King looked around and said softly,""The human ruler destroyed the celestial Thearch and saved all living beings of the Three Realms. However, the human King has fallen, and the human race is unable to suppress the Three Realms. For the Three Realms to no longer be in turmoil ..."

Before the guard could finish his sentence, Chen Yunxi and the other two could no longer remain silent. In the next moment, a staff, a sword, and a spear burst forth with dazzling light and attacked the guard.

After all, Shou was a beginner martial Heavenly King and had unparalleled combat strength. He sighed when he saw this. The human race was unyielding.

Although they wouldn't annihilate the human race, as long as these leaders of the human race remained alive, it would be difficult for the Three Realms to remain stable.

Only by killing these leaders of the human race would the human race stop resisting. Chu Wu would once again take control of the Three Realms like 40000 years ago.

He reached out his hand. His big hand covered the sky, and a clanging sound came.

Shou easily caught the weapons of the three venerable sovereigns.

The Heavenly King was a strong one among the beginner martial Heavenly Kings. It was too easy for him to deal with three venerable sovereigns.

Shou sighed. The human ruler had fallen, and the human race would not be able to keep their position as the master of the Three Realms.

These three people were the last hope of the human race to become sages or even Heavenly Kings. In order to not fight, they could only be killed.

The other hand clenched into a fist and punched.

Chen Yunxi and the other two felt an overwhelming pressure. Their faces were filled with ruthlessness. Their weapons shone brightly, and their own blood and Qi were in turmoil as they self-destructed!

The three of them were going to self-destruct to kill the enemy!


A sigh spread slowly, and the three Realms seemed to freeze.

The waves calmed down and the blood cloud dissipated.

In the air, Fang ping stepped down with his hands behind his back. He did not care about that side. He turned his head and glanced into the distance. In the distance, two figures were frozen. The next moment, King Huai's speed surpassed time. He reacted almost instantly and teleported over at all costs.

He fell from the void with a bang and roared,""The human King is mighty. I was just thinking of killing this thief, but I didn't think that Lord human King already had a plan ..."

The Three Realms froze.

The human King!

Fang ping shot him a glance and ignored him. He strolled toward Chen Yunxi and the others.

With a bang, an extremely huge demonic beast in the sea in the distance instantly exploded, leaving no corpse behind.

He was the Heavenly King of the demon race who wanted to destroy the human race and split the world into two.

If he was not familiar with it, Fang ping could not be bothered to explain.

They were probably demons who had been hiding in the deep sea and hadn't been seen during the battle of world extinction.

In the void, The White Tiger and the other Saints and emperors who had fled earlier were also scared out of their wits.

Before they could speak, they exploded almost at the same time!

The moment the blood spurted out, it instantly turned into nothingness.

When the energy was dispersed, it would nourish the Three Realms.Fị𝒏dd 𝒏ew upd𝒂t𝒆s on n(o)v/e/l𝒃in(.)com

They all fell!

In the distance, Chen Yunxi looked at Fang ping, her eyes filled with joy and relief. He ... Was undefeatable, as expected. He would never fall!

Fu changding was also grimacing in pain. He was a little happy, but also a little bored.

She knew she shouldn't have doubted him!

How could this guy die so easily!

Even if the Three Realms were destroyed, he wouldn't die. He actually wavered and believed Chu Wu Heavenly King's nonsense.

Shou's forehead was covered in sweat and his face was pale.

Although he couldn't move his body, he could still speak. At this moment, he let out a bitter smile and said helplessly,"Lord human King ... You're indeed invincible. Master once said, if you don't see the human King really die, don't cause trouble for the beginner martial stage ..."

"I thought that the human King must have died in that battle since he didn't show up after so many attempts ... Now it seems that I was too arrogant."

Shou felt even more bitter. He looked at Fang ping and said softly,"I don't have the intention to exterminate the human race. The human King is clear about gratitude and grudges. I shouldn't bring disaster to chuwu."

"I'm seeking my own death, and death is not to be regretted. I've betrayed master's trust, please have mercy on me, Your Majesty ..."

When Shou said this, he turned his head to look at Chu Wu continent with a guilty look on his face. Soon, he shook his head and sighed. He didn't say anything more, and his body gradually faded away. He had already committed suicide on the spot!

The moment the human King appeared, he already knew that there was no way out.

Rather than letting the human King take action, it would be better to commit suicide. He didn't know if it would implicate the people of the initial martial stage.

The Heavenly King did not even make a move. The moment Fang ping made a move, he committed suicide. It was clear how much the Three Realms feared the human King.

Even the celestial Thearch had died at the hands of a human King, let alone them.

On the other side, King Huai's face was pale.

In the next moment, King Huai's body suddenly crumbled, and his great Dao was severed. His aura instantly dropped from the Heavenly King tier to the Emperor tier.

King Huai ignored his pain and bared his teeth, his face full of smiles."Congratulations to Lord human King for coming out of seclusion. The new Dao is stable. It must be Lord stabilizing the new Dao. I shall abandon the old Dao and walk a new Dao, integrating into the new Dao!"

Fang ping sneered. He was decisive.

The humans were not afraid of a venerable sovereign. Even if Fang ping was not around, a venerable sovereign would not be able to cause any trouble.

King Huai had directly broken the old path and fallen to Emperor-rank. This way, even if Fang ping was not around, he would no longer be a hidden danger.

This guy's desire to live was really strong.

Ignoring him, Fang ping looked at the few people in front of him. Fu changding was also grimacing in pain. After a while, he laughed."You almost scared us to death. You ... When did you arrive?"

"I just arrived," Fang ping said with a smile.

"I don't believe you!"

Fu changding pursed his lips."I'm afraid you've come very early. You only know how to watch the show. You've already cultivated to this level, yet you're still fishing. What's the point of that?"

How could he not know Fang Ping's personality? this guy, what realm was he at? did he have to be like this?

Fang ping laughed and did not deny it.

Beside him, Chen Yunxi also smiled and said softly, "It's good that you're back. "

Fang ping had returned!

With him around, there was nothing to worry about or pretend. These days, the human race seemed to be prosperous, but in fact, the higher-ups were walking on thin ice.

Today, he finally didn't need to pretend anymore.

Fang ping chuckled and nodded slightly. With a wave of his hand, an Island far away collapsed instantly!

On the island, thousands of Warriors were turned into dust in an instant.

The rioters that had gathered in the sea area had fallen one after another.

Thousands of miles away, the ocean shook. No one could see that tens of thousands of demons had turned into dust and disappeared without a trace.

"I'm back!"

A light chuckle spread throughout the Three Realms.

In the catacombs, at the initial martial stage, and among the demons, countless people prostrated themselves on the ground.

His entire body trembled!

The human King had returned!

The Three Realms had submitted!


The Western Imperial Palace.

The teacup in celestial pole's hand shattered. His entire body stiffened as he turned his head to look into the distance. Even though he was hundreds of thousands of miles away, he seemed to be able to see that person's eyes that seemed to be smiling yet not smiling.

The corners of Heaven's Fate's mouth twitched. The next moment, he suddenly rushed into the distance, knelt on a mound of earth, and wailed!


"You've died a terrible death!"

"Father, for the sake of the human race and the human King, you were willing to commit suicide in the world-ending battle. I'm useless and unable to participate in the battle. I can only guard your grave and fulfill my filial duties!"

"I swear that I won't leave the Western Imperial Palace until you're resurrected. I'll guard your grave until I die!"

"Father, please bless your son!"

"Father, look after your son. I've been guarding these few acres of land until I die. If I die, you won't even have someone to guard your grave!"


The celestial pole burst into tears and kept repeating that Emperor Xi had died in battle for the human race.

He would guard the tomb here!

For the sake of Emperor Xi, he had to guard the tomb for a lifetime.

As for what happened in the outside world, it had nothing to do with him.


Fang ping laughed again. This guy from the celestial pole ... He wondered what the Emperor of the West would think if he saw this.

The Three Realms prostrated themselves because of his return.

Those with ambition fell one after another.

On Chu Wu continent, some powerhouses had complicated expressions on their faces. They also knelt on the ground with despair on their faces. They had completely lost their will to fight for supremacy.

The human King was alive!

With just a single cry that he had returned, the ambitions of all living beings in the Three Realms had been extinguished. The human race should be the Lord of the hundred races.

In the next moment, the Three Realms erupted with cheers!

"I congratulate renwang on his return!"

Excitement, joy, joy, relaxation ...

The human King had returned!

Previously, there were rumors that Fang ping was seriously injured and was recuperating in mcmau. However, in the past year, Fang ping had not shown his face. Recently, there were even rumors that Fang ping had died in that battle. Although the humans did not believe it, they could not help but feel terrified.

Now that the human Emperor had returned, all the pressure, fear, and panic had disappeared in an instant!

There was only joy, joy, and relief.

Mcmau, cheers shook the sky!

Fang ping had returned!


At the sea, Fang ping was also smiling.

"This is what I wanted to hear, it's not something that the other world can compare to ..." He sighed softly.

Someone sneered."That's true. The Three Realms are used to your shamelessness, but the netherworld hasn't gotten used to it yet. They haven't figured out your preferences yet. There aren't hundreds of millions of people who call the human King mighty!"

It was nothing more than the fact that there was no flattery in the netherworld!

How could it be better than the Three Realms? everyone was used to Fang Ping's hobby. If he flattered him a little, the human King would be overjoyed.

Fang ping could not help but laugh.

In front of him, Chen Yunxi and the others looked at Fang ping in confusion.

"You can't see?" Fang ping laughed.

In the next moment, Qin Fengqing's figure appeared beside her.

The few of them were dumbfounded!

They ... Could not see Qin Fengqing before.

Fang ping laughed and explained,"the world is divided into two. There's yin and yang. The Three Realms are the Yang realm, so naturally, there's the yin realm. The yin realm ... You can naturally go there after you die. This is the wandering soul from the yin realm ..."

Qin Fengqing pursed his lips and muttered,"when they get there, aren't they also considered as wandering ghosts? it's as if they're of a higher class!"

The few of them forgot to speak for a moment.

The netherworld, the Yang?

A dead person ... In the netherworld?

Didn't that mean that ... At this moment, they were all excited. Could it be that those who died were all in the netherworld?

Fang ping seemed to have understood what they meant. He laughed and said,"Yes, they're all over there! "Old Zhang became the principal of Shanghai University, but unfortunately ... He's not very good at teaching. Recently, Shanghai University wants to fire him. That guy bragged that he's a first-class teacher, but in the end, Shanghai University's fighting style has not stopped despite repeated prohibitions. I'm afraid he's going to step down soon. Who asked the principal to personally fight?"

"The God forger has been studying the lightning release device recently. He doesn't have time to come here."

"The king of Earth's family is studying how to perfect the great Dao ..."

"Grandpa Chen seems to have taken a fancy to an old lady recently. Yun Xi, you might have a grandmother soon ..."

"Grandpa Fu died a little too early, so he's lost some of his memories. I think he's a little senile, and he's been saying that his grandson is the best in the world recently ..."

"Zhao Lei was teaching the iron head technique over there and was treated as a scammer and beaten up many times ..."

"I saw the old principal over there. This old scoundrel, I thought he would still be a teacher. In the end ... He actually gave up teaching and ran to pursue Nan yunyue. Old Zhang's wife is strict and wanted to stop him. In the end, his wife pulled him by his ear and dragged him home ..."

"Pudgy Jiang became a gourmet over there, and he's even fatter than before!"

"Old man Wargod has started fortune-telling again. Unfortunately, he's too fat, so no one believes him. He has no business to do, so he's been eating with pudgy Jiang recently ..."

"Commander Li said that the world is peaceful now and he's not a soldier anymore. I don't know what he's thinking, but he dragged the old men to farm ..."

"Senior brother Wu Chuan ..."

Fang ping smiled as he introduced the whereabouts of his acquaintances and gossiped about their scandals.

Chen Yunxi and the others were dumbfounded. At the same time, they could not help but feel excited and envious.

They ... Were really still here!

Although they were not in the same world, knowing that they were still here, that they still existed in this world, they were all filled with joy.

Everyone had died in the world-ending battle. In the past year, no one had said anything, but they couldn't help but feel sad. Now, they were overjoyed. They were living in the netherworld!

"What about old Wang and the rest?" Fu changding could not help but ask.


Fang ping laughed."The few of them ... I don't know if iron head was triggered by the last battle, but he's been dragging old Wang and old Yao to fight one-on-one for a long time. He can't be bothered with them. I don't know when they'll stop."

Fu changding could not help but laugh. He looked at Qin Fengqing and asked curiously,"Then why did you bring this guy here?"

Fang ping laughed again and said playfully,"I can't help it. My father died in battle when I hit him. No one cares. I'm used to being lawless and arrogant. "But now, not only is there father, the old principal, and countless other elders who want to teach him the rules of conduct, to not be too arrogant ... If he incited public anger, how could he not run?"

Behind him, Qin Fengqing pouted.

This was not the key!

Fang ping continued,"the key is, do you remember that Zhou Qiyue from Magic City women's college?" "He's over there too. He's been pestering him and insisting on marrying him. Do you think Zhou Qiyue's blind? in the end, this guy was so scared that he didn't dare to stay there anymore ..."

Fu changding and the others laughed. Zhou Qiyue. They had an impression of her. Wasn't she the one Fang ping had made up to make Qin Fengqing think that she liked him?

The two of them didn't succeed in the Yang realm, but they were about to succeed in the yin realm?

Everyone laughed and chatted. For a moment, the atmosphere was high.

In the next moment, Chen Yunxi suddenly hesitated."Then ... Teacher li and Yuan Yuan ... Are they there too?"

Li Changsheng had gone missing with Fang Yuan and the others!

There was no trace of them in the Three Realms. Chen Yunxi had suspected that they had fallen, but she had not heard Fang ping mention them. Could it be that ... They were not in the netherworld?

"Old man Li and round face ..."

Fang ping laughed bitterly, feeling a little helpless. The few of them looked suspicious. What happened to them? did they not find it?

Fang ping sighed softly."On the day of the great battle, they left through the void barrier. I thought they were still in the Three Realms. Who knew ... They were not there. I've been searching for them since the Great War, and I only found their tracks a few days ago. That's why I've returned to the Three Realms now, to buy time for this ..."

The few of them looked at him curiously. Chen Yunxi hurriedly asked, "You've found that person?"

"Get it back?"

Fang ping said helplessly,"no!" Old man Li had actually brought them into another seed world by mistake. The situation there was similar to the Three Realms previously. The seeds there insisted that these guys were variables and had experience in dealing with the martial ending phase. They refused to let them go no matter what. They insisted on keeping them as variables and would only release them after the martial ending phase over there ended ...

Old man Li had become a sword God over there, and round guy had actually created a Yuan Ping club. Now, he was making a scene.

"I think that if they want to stop, it'll take at least three to five years. I've already spoken to the seeds over there. They'll probably be able to take her back in a few years. Otherwise, if we force her now, it might cause a conflict ..."

The few of them felt as if they were hallucinating. Ran to another world?

This works too?

"There won't be any danger, right?"

Chen Yunxi was a little worried. Fang ping smiled and said,"That won't happen. The seeds over there are protecting them. They can be considered the chosen ones ..."

"It was the same before the celestial Thearch!"

Qin Fengqing mumbled. Fang ping laughed and said, "What's the big deal about the heavenly Emperor? He's just a hired thug for the seeds, but our round face has me as her backing, so do the seeds over there dare to be hired thugs? Besides, I'm just too lazy to fight, it's not like I can't beat that person. Sun god went there before, and I saw sun God's fist marks on that person's body. Obviously, he couldn't even beat sun god. Maybe sun god is also inside. Do you think I can't beat that person?"

Fang ping laughed."It's good to go and play for a few years. I've talked to old man Li. He said that he didn't have time to participate in the battle of extinction here and has always been unhappy. Now that he's participating over there, it's not too dangerous yet. He'll just treat it as a new experience."

When the few of them heard this, they could not help but laugh. They did not expect the old man to be dissatisfied.

Sending them off on the eve of the final battle had been a huge blow to old man Li.

Chen Yunxi could not help but laugh."Yuan Yuan has fulfilled her wish. Yuan Ping club has finally grown. Fang ping, is the other world...Exciting?"

Fang ping glanced at her and chuckled."If you want to take a look, you'll have a chance in the future. The primordial chaos, the universe, is vast! If there is one seed world, there will be two. Perhaps ... There will be countless of them, and I will never be able to see all of them. "

Beside him, Fu changding winked and said with a smile, "I'll accompany you to see the thousands of universes and travel to the ends of the earth. Tsk tsk, is this a new method of someone's flirting?"

Fang ping shot him a glance, too lazy to pay him any attention.

Chen Yunxi smiled and did not reply, but the way she looked at Fang ping was exceptionally gentle.

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